The Evolution of the DBA – Challenges, Changes and Upcoming Trends

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What scares the DBA most besides the Text at midnight with word downtime? Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple – The changing work profile for DBA. I am fortunate that during my job as a Data Consultant, I get to visit different organizations across the world and get to meet some finest Data Professionals and Business Leaders. I get the first-hand experience of the evolution of the DBAs in the constant changing and challenging world. It is extremely important for DBAs to get updated with the current trends to stay relevant to their job. Let us see today a quick story of Evolution of the DBA!

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Avoiding Database Downtime via Replication – SharePlex

The scariest word for any DBA is – Database Downtime. Every DBA who is going off duty for the day or going away on vacation for a month is always worried about Database Downtime. I totally sympathize with everyone who is constantly worried about their database’s downtime. In the real world, we all know when our database does down, it means that our business is stopped. There is no other analogy we can give.

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