SQL SERVER – Login Failed – Server is in Script Upgrade Mode – Deleting Collection Set “Utility Information”

I must confess that consulting has taught me much more than what I have learned in my regular job. Freelancing comes with advantages and disadvantages. For me, I am looking at advantages and I am happy with my decision. Let us see how to fix an error related to Login Failed and Deleting Collection.

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SQL SERVER – Event ID 1045 – No Matching Network Interface Found for Resource ‘Cluster IP Address’ IP address ‘’ (Return Code was ‘5035’)

One of my clients implemented AlwaysOn Multi-subnet listener. This is one of the message which I have heard from few other AlwaysOn availability group customers who are having multi-subnet deployment. This client reported that they are not able to bring listener online on one node, which was added newly. When they attempted to fail over AG resource in the cluster, we could see below messages reported in event logs. Let us see how we can fix errors related to no matching network.

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SQL SERVER – AlwaysOn Listener Error – The WSFC Cluster Could Not Bring the Network Name Resource With DNS Name ‘DNS name’ Online

I can tell you how many times I have heard about this error. This can appear in any of the situation where SQL needs to create a cluster network name resource in the WSFC Cluster. Here are the two situations I can think of:

Installing SQL Server Failover Cluster instance.
Creating listener in the AlwaysOn availability group.

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