SQL SERVER – Why We have Audit Trace in DATA Folder? What are These Files?

There are many times when a DBA should work like a detective and find the cause of the issue which is reported by various teams. Sometimes it is an application team, sometimes an infrastructure team and sometimes its own learning. I always believe looking at the data points and finally connect the dots to make a story. Let us learn about why we have audit trace in the data folder.

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SQL SERVER – Puzzle – Why does sp_spaceused Show No Values?

When you see something not behaving the way normal way, either it must be magic or in software terms it is an error or bug. This blog was inspired by someone who caught me unaware with this challenge that it took me by surprise. I didn’t know how to solve it and it took me close to 10 mins before realizing what was happening behind the scenes. Let us see the puzzle about Why does sp_spaceused Show No Values?

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SQL SERVER Puzzle – Conversion with Date Data Types

Over the years, every time I have worked with Date and time data types, I have learnt something new. There are always tons of tight corners where a number of exceptions happen. Though these are known, for someone who is new, this would take them by surprise and your design decisions can have a larger impact on the output that you are likely to get. These can cause a considerable business impact and compliance if we get stuff wrong. Let us see a puzzle about Date Data Types.

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