The Monthly Mentor Returns 2021 – 3 Webcasts

I have recently built three FREE webcasts under the monthly mentor returns 2021 series for Quest. 2 of the earlier performed webcasts are already available on-demand and the third one is scheduled next week.

The Monthly Mentor Returns 2021 - 3 Webcasts monthlymentor-800x209

3 Monthly Mentor Returns

Discover Performance Tricks and Tips for SQL Server 2019

SQL Server indexes aren’t always as helpful as we’d like. Often, SQL Server indexes work against overall server performance. In this session, we’ll look at troublemaking scenarios and their workarounds. We’ll explore the dark side of indexes and their resolutions. Developers will receive scripts and knowledge they can immediately apply to their servers after the session.

Fixing Troublemaking SQL Server Indexes, Fun Stories

Every release of SQL Server brings a load of new features you can add to your database management arsenal to increase efficiency. And in this session, Pinal Dave of SQL Authority will show you how to maximize the best functionality in SQL Server 2019. You’ll learn easy ways to optimize performance, accelerate database recovery, and much more. This SQL Server performance-on-demand webcast will provide invaluable guidance to help any DBA or developer who wants to maximize SQL Server 2019 and its powerful features.

Elementary! The Curious Case of the Deceptive Query Optimizer

Join SQL sleuth Pinal Dave, as he examines two cases where the optimizer is the criminal that killed query performance. Together, we’ll carefully investigate the query optimizer and attempt to understand why it often behaves in a manner beyond common sense. Performance forensics isn’t for the faint of heart; join only if you have a keen desire to solve mysteries and learn advanced concepts of the query optimizer.

You can sign up for all three webcasts over here.

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