State of Database Monitoring 2020 – Need Your Opinion

In 2018, Redgate launched the industry’s first-ever report into the state of SQL Server monitoring. It contained responses from over 600 SQL Server professionals giving a unique insight into how they monitor their estates, the technologies they work with, and the biggest challenges they face. Today we need your opinion.

State of Database Monitoring 2020 - Need Your Opinion state-of-sql-server-monitoring-2019

Last year they released the State of SQL Server Monitoring Report for 2019 which contained around 800 responses. So far, with the help of over 1400 responses from SQL Server professionals, we have learned a lot about where the state of database monitoring is heading.

Last year the focus of State SQL Server monitoring was on the following key topics:

  • Organizations are using multiple database systems. While SQL Server was the most used platform, Oracle usage had increased by 20%, and PostgreSQL and MongoDB had also seen a rise.
  • Estates continue to grow, with the majority increasing the number of servers they manage and expecting that to continue.
  • Monitoring is key to managing large estates, with 60% of organizations using 50 or more servers saying they pay for a monitoring tool.
  • Use of cloud technologies is increasing with 15% more companies using cloud-based servers for at least part of their estate.
  • Migrations to the cloud and migrations to newer server versions came out as the biggest challenge faced by database professionals over the coming 12 months.

Now, this was the state of SQL Server Monitoring for the last year; but every year is different as the challenges and ecosystem change. This year the aim is to gather insights across database platforms, not just SQL.

2020 Database Monitoring

The year 2020 started with a unique challenge across the world. COVID-19 brought new challenges as many organizations were forced to respond quickly, leading to professionals across the globe working from home. As we adjust to this new form of normal, it has never been more critical to manage and monitor the database remotely. Additionally, as the adoption of the cloud has increased in recent times, the nature of monitoring has also changed significantly.

Call for Action – Opinion

It’s time for our opinion and expertise to be heard again the 2020 State of Database Monitoring survey is now open and will be running until midnight GMT on 30th April. Upon completing the survey you will be entered into a draw to win a USD 500 Amazon Voucher, you will be amongst the first to receive a copy of the report findings, and Redgate will be donating $5 for each submission towards the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

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