SQLAuthority News – Author Visit – South Asia MVP Open Day 2008 – Goa – Day 1

It is great fun! Perfect Event and Great start.

Yesterday I wrote about agenda of South Asia MVP Open Day 2008 which is at Hotel Kenilworth Resorts, Goa. November 15 – Day 1 of Open Day started with plain journey and ended with Goan Team Party at beach with fellow MVP.

I have more than hundreds of the photos of this event. I will share few of the them with you.

First of all let me thank three four people, without their support this event might have not possible.

Howard Lo – Microsoft, Singapore – Regional Manager, Asia Pacific and Greater China
Abhishek Kant – Microsoft, India – MVP Lead
Abhishek Baxi – Microsoft, India – MVP Program Specialist
Tanuj Vohra – Microsoft, India – Partner Director, Visual Studio Test Business

I met all of them personally and had wonderful connection with them. I want to personally thank all of them for their extra ordinary support for this excellent event to happen. Haward were in the same plane from Mumbai to Goa and we had some good discussion about open day when we were together going to hotel.

Hotel Kenilworth Resort is amazingly beautiful hotel and it is very hard to describe in words. I will share few of the photos here to give you some idea about the place. Very clear goan beach is just adjoining to this hotel.

After quick introduction to program we had demo of Windows 7 and goan theme party at beach, followed by open space presentation. Open space presentation were presentation by fellow MVP for other MVPs and they started at midnight 12. You can image how action packed days we all MVP had at Open Day 2008.

Following image I found on Mumbai Airport.
SQLAuthority News - Author Visit - South Asia MVP Open Day 2008 - Goa - Day 1 MVP Openday

MVP Open Day Logo

My room at hotel

My room at hotel

Hotel Kenilworth Resort

Pinal at event

Hotel Kenilworth Resort

Abhishek Kant Presenting

Howard Lo Presenting

Pradeep Presenting

Tanuj Vohra Presenting

Abhishek Baxi Presenting

Goan Night Theme

Pinal, Suprotim, Rahul, Abhishek K

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

MVP, Openday, SQLAuthority Author Visit
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  • Well that’s me in the last pic..We had a blast off..Got to know Pinal well..

    Something @Pinal

    Pinal is a great guy! We did not know each other before we met and have become pals now..

    Not many of you would know that this serious DBA can tickle your funny bone through his jokes and his hard hitting punch lines..He is full of energy and becomes uncontrollable after he has had his Energy drink! (keep guessing which one).

    It’s fun being an MVP!!

    Learn how you readers can also become eligible to join this priviliged group by checking out this link..

  • Suprotim,

    Thank you very much for your kind words. You are the good person yourself and have given me good insight in web development.

    I read your LINQ articles and are very good. :)



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