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PASS Summit 2009 is now only 10 days away and I am very excited for the same. I can not wait to attend the summit as this is the most awaited conference of SQL Server in world. Everybody will be there and there will be something for everybody. My core expertise is in Query Optimization and Performance Tuning area, and when I see the list of PASS session on the subject, I am totally speechless. There are so many great speaker at PASS who are there to talk on the subject.

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It is absolutely not possible to attend all of them many of them are running parallel to each other. In any case, I strongly suggest if you are the expert who try till last bit to optimize the query and performance, I expect you to attend many of the following session. There is always option to get recorded DVD for the sessions afterwords.

You can read my article here regarding Why I am Going to Attend PASS Summit Unite 2009- Seattle.

Here is my list of the sessions related to performance tuning and query optimization.

Making Effective Use of the Plan Cache
Greg Low (Solid Q Australia)

Capturing and Analyzing File & Wait Stats
Andrew Kelly (Solid Quality Mentors)

T-SQL Tips & Tricks
Itzik Ben-Gan (Solid Quality Mentors)

Best Practices for Working With Execution Plans
Grant Fritchey (FM Global)

DMV’s as a Shortcut to Procedure Tuning
Grant Fritchey (FM Global)

Lies, damned lies and statistics
Gail Shaw (XpertEase)

Insight into Indexes
Gail Shaw (XpertEase)

Enhance your T-SQL to perform better
Joe Webb (WebbTech Solutions, LLC)

Exploring Index Internals
Kalen Delaney (SQLearning)

Super Bowl, Super Load – A Look at Performance Tuning for VLDB”s
Michelle Ufford (GoDaddy)

Optimizing SQL Server 2008 Applications using Table Valued Parameters, XML and MERGE
Tobias Ternstrom (Microsoft Corp.)

SQL Server Execution Plans From Compilation To Caching To Reuse
Maciej Pilecki (Project Botticelli Ltd.)

Using SQL Server 2008 for Performance Tuning
Buck Woody (Microsoft Corp.)

SQLCAT: Designing High Performance I/O for SQL Server (90 Mins)
Thomas Kejser (Microsoft Corp.)
Mike Ruthruff (Microsoft SQL CAT)

SQL Server 2005 / 2008 Performance Tuning and Optimization Techniques (90 Mins)
David Pless (Microsoft CSS)

Dr. DMV: How to Use Dynamic Management Views to Monitor and Diagnose Performance Issues With High Volume OLTP Workloads
Glenn Berry (NewsGator Technologies)

How the Query Optimizer Works
Ben Nevarez (AIG)

I will personally try to attend many of the above listed sessions. Here are two sessions not from above list, which I will be sure attending. You are encouraged to meet me and attend this two rock star sessions.

Overcoming SSIS Deployment and Configuration Challenges
Rushabh Mehta (Solid Quality Learning)

SQL Server 2008 – Create powerful XML Schema collections to validate your XML documents
Jacob Sebastian (beyondrelational.com)

Let me know what sessions you will be sure attending by leaving your comment here. It would be good idea to create the list of the session which one is confident about attending.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Hi Pinal,
    I work with SSIS 2008 extensively. Would like to get the slides/transcript for Rushab’s SSIS Session if possible after the PASS event is over.

    Thank you

  • Trying again since my last comment didn’t seem to make it through (moderated?)

    You seem to have missed the Extended Events sessions. This is an extremely important new technology for performance and troubleshooting. I’ve been reading about it and it is extremely powerful. Some information here:

    • Thank you dave p and Jason,

      Thanks for adding to this list. I am very much interested both of you.

      Jonathan is great guy (my friend) and I have missed his session in the list for sure.

      Kind Regards,

  • Hi Pinal,

    I hope to have the chance to meet you at PASS this year.

    I think your list of sessions is pretty good but I think you forgot two that should be pretty good.

    If you have a chance to come to either of those maybe we can sit together and we can talk about SQL Server.

    Have a lucky day


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