SQLAuthority News – Author Visit – South Asia MVP Open Day 2008 – Goa – Day 2

At MVP Open Day we were promised that we will have 8 to 8 action packed day but we all observed much longer hours where we all MVP’s were busy with activity. I will say instead of 8 AM to 8 PM we actually had fun from 8 AM to 2 AM (next day).

Day 2 at MVP Open day was filled with technical sessions followed by River Cruise and Dance party at Casino. On day 2 we had team photo, as I was part of team photo I could not take this photo myself. I will request Abhishek Kant to send me the team photo of all the MVP who came to MVP OpenDay and post on this blog.

We all MVP were thinking that we will not enjoy the River Cruise but when party started on Cruise we all were so much into it that we wanted to take one more round of the cruise. As we had to get back to Casino Dance Party we all decided to come back to our hotel. Out Hotel Kenilworth Resorts, Goa is indeed good hotel with all the fun stuff available right of there.

Read more about Day 1 at SQLAuthority News – Author Visit – South Asia MVP Open Day 2008 – Goa – Day 1. One thing which was most important was Community Buzz. We all MVP has to promote campaign plan for one MS product. Our strong team was assigned color green and Windows Server 2008. My team member really worked hard and prepared the documentation. We have presentation to do tomorrow about the same. I am very excited to do the same. We hope to win but if we do not win, it is still lots of fun.

There were lots of other activity we did but one of the most interesting activity was NETWORKING with other MVPs. I want to congratulate Microsoft MVP Leads ( Abhishek Kant and Abhishek Baxi) for arranging the event such a way that there was plenty of opportunity of the networking with everybody. MVPs mingled and learned about each other. Let us see some of the snaps which I took at event.

Again, I am waiting for group photo to receive from any member who took it.

At hotel large Chess ground

All MVP Same T-Shirt

Santa Monica of Goat


Casino Night

Pool – where is the cue?

MVP background

All MVPs

At Cruise Night

At Cruise Night – happy MVPs

At R.E.D.

My Beach Clothes!

MVP Background

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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