SQLAuthority News – Author Visit – South Asia MVP Open Day 2008 – Goa – Day 3

Yesterday was our last day at South Asia MVP Open Day. For three days continuously we are having great time along with fellow MVP. Every MVP was having great time because the way whole event was planned. We had plenty of time for networking as well lots of interesting sessions were going on.

Most of the MVPs had slept late the day before because everybody was preparing their presentation for community buzz. The day before we had wonderful Open Space sessions at Midnight. The most avaited sessions was Nitin Paranjape – Do’s and Dont’s of being an entrepreneur (Monetizing your expertise). I have requested PPT to Nitin (as we were coming back in the same flight to Mumbai), as soon as I receive the PPT I will share with everybody on this blog.

I visited for long walk by myself on beach. From last two days I was so busy that I hardly had a single min with myself. My phone was showing full battery after end of the second day as it was absolutely not used. I enjoyed long walk on beach. I had discussion about India and Russian economy with one of the Russian visitor on beach. If I had more time, I might have discussed with him for little longer.

I had to get back to attend excellent session of Blogging Workshop by Abhishek Kant. The reason I like this session as it has given all the blogger to share their thoughts with everybody. Whole group listened suggestions carefully and agreed with each other. Abhishek has made some notes about all the suggestions, once I receive the copy of it, I will share with everybody.

Workshop was followed up with community activity, where four team proposed their agenda of promoting MS product. Winner team promoted IE8 and won MP4 players. It was great team building activity and extremely hilarious as well. We all end up discussing and laughing at presentation. Hats off to everybody who took part in this team activity.

Abhishek thanked all the MVPs for their tremendous response to the event. Closing notes were presented by Howard Lo. All MPVs ended event with three cheers to MS team.

Overall, South Asia MVP Open Day 2008 was very successful event. What I have covered in my three days notes is actually very small percentage of what actually was happening at event. There were parallel technical sessions and lots of discussion among technology experts. I will write more about different sessions and other technical discussion in next few days. I am also waiting for few PPTs and demos to share with all of you. There were few sessions which shared information which I can not disclose here as we are under NDA. Only thing I will say that Microsoft is coming out with lots of exciting features and products.

Pinal at Sea Shore
SQLAuthority News - Author Visit - South Asia MVP Open Day 2008 - Goa - Day 3 MVP Openday3

Abhishek on Blog Workshop

Allen from Nepal and Pinal

Pinal discussing Blog Buzz

MVP Group Photo

Howard Lo – Closing Notes

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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