SQL SERVER – Looking Forward to Meeting you at SQLPASS 2015

sqlpass SQL SERVER   Looking Forward to Meeting you at SQLPASS 2015If you are going to at SQLPASS 2015, Seattle, I am looking forward to meet you. I will be there and presenting two technology sessions.

Here are the details of my sessions. I will be very happy if you are at SQLPASS and attend my session. If you see me at SQLPASS, just do not hesitate to stop me as I would for sure like to talk to you and shake your hands.

During this event, I will be actively tweeting about where exactly I am and how can you reach me. Do not forget to follow me on twitter.

42 Tips to Performance Tuning, Optimization, and Everything

Monday, Oct 26, 2015 08:30 AM- 04:30 PM
This demo-oriented, full-day pre-conference session answers the questions that database administrators (DBAs) and developers often have about performance tuning and query optimization. Some problems have straightforward answers, but others are often invisible or need attention without even a problem statement. This session is divided into these three major components:
– Identify common patterns and antipatterns for database performance tuning; for example, slow-running queries, I/O-intensive operations, CPU bottlenecks, memory optimizations, tempdb contention, and more
– Resolve optimization hindrances and issues proactively; for example, indexing strategies, file growths, server deployment best practices, statistics, wait stats and queues, and more
– Avoid query performance surprises when upgraded to the most recent version of SQL Server 2014; for example, new cardinality engine, ColumnStore indexes best practices, live plans, Azure enhancements, in-memory online transaction processing (OLTP) optimizations, and more

We discuss 42 tips, tricks, and scripts in this session. Every attendee will have those scripts handy upon completion of the session.

Secrets of SQL Server: Database Worst Practices

Wednesday, Oct 28, 2015 10:15 AM – 11:30 AM
“Oh no–what have I done?” Chances are you have heard, or even uttered, these words. This demo-oriented session shows many examples in which database pros have been dumbfounded by their own mistakes. It might even bring back memories of your own early DBA days. This session exposes the small details that can be dangerous to the production environment and SQL Server as a whole and talks about worst practices and how to avoid them. The session focuses on common errors and their resolution. Developers will walk out with scripts and knowledge that they can immediately apply to their own servers.

space SQL SERVER   Looking Forward to Meeting you at SQLPASS 2015

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – Ryan Adams Running for PASS Board of Directors

RyanAdams SQLAuthority News   Ryan Adams Running for PASS Board of DirectorsI recently learned that Ryan Adams is running for the PASS Board of Directors. I care for PASS which is a Professional Association of SQL Server. I care about who runs PASS as it directly affects my daily routine. Every year, I spend a good amount of time in making sure that I vote right person as a board of directors for PASS because they are the one who is going to make a major impact on the life of people like me. Just like every year, this year as well, we have amazing sets of candidates and I am going to carefully vote for them.

Ryan Adams, who is my dear friend is also one of the candidates for PASS board of directors. Here is the brief note about Ryan. He is one guy who makes positive impacts on people’s life and I am very confident he will do the same as a PASS board of director.

Ryan Adams is running for the 2015 PASS Board of Directors. Ryan has been a dedicated volunteer in the organization for over 10 years. What makes him, particularly suited for this job is the breadth with which he has volunteered. He is involved at the local, regional, and national levels.

Ryan has served on the local North Texas SQL Server User Group Board of Directors for over 5 years holding every position on the board. In his time with NTSSUG he has helped with 5 successful SQLSaturday events, a SQLRally event, grown the membership, and provided a solid financial foundation.

On the regional level, he has been a Regional Mentor for the South Central US Region for the last 4 years. The region has grown from 10 to 15 user groups in that time.

On the national level, he has helped the PASS Performance Virtual chapter for the last 3 years and has served as President for the last 2 years. In that time attendance has grown from about 30 people to around 200 per month. He also started their annual Performance Palooza event of 8 back to back sessions, which just had its 4th event. This year saw a 174% growth in attendance.

All this involvement gives Ryan a view into the organization from many different levels. Since Directors at Large could be given any portfolio he would be well suited to many of them due to his volunteer experience, which is huge for any candidate to possess. Ryan has visions of how PASS can better utilize its IT resources and grow the community by getting involved with younger generations around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQL Authority News – Presenting Session at #SQLPASS on November 5, 2014

I will be attending SQLPASS 2014 this year in Seattle. I have attended SQLPASS 5 times before and this is my sixth times for the event. I love this event and that is why every single year I attend the event.

This time I will be presenting on session Secrets of SQL Server: Database Worst Practices as well. Here is the details for my session.

Secrets of SQL Server: Database Worst Practices


“Oh my God! What did I do?” Chances are you have heard, or even uttered, this expression. This demo-oriented session will show many examples where database professionals were dumbfounded by their own mistakes, and could even bring back memories of your own early DBA days. The goal of this session is to expose the small details that can be dangerous to the production environment and SQL Server as a whole, as well as talk about worst practices and how to avoid them.

Shedding light on some of these perils and the tricks to avoid them may even save your current job. After attending this session, developers will only need 60 seconds to improve performance of their database server in their SharePoint implementation. We will have a quiz during the session to keep the conversation alive. Developers will walk out with scripts and knowledge that can be applied to their servers, immediately after the session.

Date: November 05, 2014

Time: 10:15 AM – 11:30 AM

Room: 6B

Why should you attend my session?

When I want to attend any session, I try to reason myself about why should I attend any particular session. Well, if you are wondering the same for me, here are my reasons for you.

  • We will have lots of FUN
  • You will LEARN something while you are having FUN
  • FUN and LEARN

Remember, we are going to have lots of fun and while having fun we are going to learn. This session is set at LEVEL 100, so I will be talking about at the beginning level. With that said if you are an expert DBA/Developer and want to have fun, join me in my session. We are going to have a great time together.

Here is one of the questions which I am going to ask in the session: If you get it right, I will give you a small token of appreciation.

happennext SQL Authority News   Presenting Session at #SQLPASS on November 5, 2014

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQL SERVER – SQLPASS 2013, Charlotte Memories – Book and Book Signing – Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about my SQLPASS 2013, Charlotte Memories Friends. This is second and last part of the same series. As you know I have so far written 10 different books on SQL Server and I am very much proud of that fact. Every time at SQLPASS, our books are available on display and lots of users get hold of those books. For last few years we are also doing book signing where we give away hundreds of the books to attendees for free. We had done similar experiment this year as well. We gave away hundreds of the books during this event.

Here are few of the photographs of the event.

sqlpass2013 book1 SQL SERVER   SQLPASS 2013, Charlotte Memories   Book and Book Signing   Part 2

Various books on display

sqlpass2013 book3 SQL SERVER   SQLPASS 2013, Charlotte Memories   Book and Book Signing   Part 2

Book signing event

sqlpass2013 book4 SQL SERVER   SQLPASS 2013, Charlotte Memories   Book and Book Signing   Part 2

Long line for book signing at SQLPASS 2013

sqlpass2013 book5 SQL SERVER   SQLPASS 2013, Charlotte Memories   Book and Book Signing   Part 2

Long line for book signing at SQLPASS 2013

sqlpass2013 book6 SQL SERVER   SQLPASS 2013, Charlotte Memories   Book and Book Signing   Part 2

Rick Morelan, Tim Radney, Pinal Dave and Greg Lynch

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQL SERVER – SQLPASS 2013, Charlotte Memories – Friends and Technology – Part 1

I have been visiting SQLPASS for last 5 years and I always have a great time attending this event. For the last few years, I have been attending this event in Seattle, Washington. This year this event was at Charlotte, North Carolina. This was a new place for me as I have never visited Charlotte before. Just like every year, I look forward to this event to meet my friends. It is like an annual meet up for the SQL Server Professionals. While I still got a chance to meet my old friends it was fantastic to make many new friends. I just loved the event, I think if you are SQL Server professional, you must attend this event.

Let us see my journey to this event with the help of a few images.

sqlpass2013 1 SQL SERVER   SQLPASS 2013, Charlotte Memories   Friends and Technology   Part 1

Charlotte Convention Center

sqlpass2013 2 SQL SERVER   SQLPASS 2013, Charlotte Memories   Friends and Technology   Part 1

A bit tired due to long journey but I made it before the event starts.

sqlpass2013 3 SQL SERVER   SQLPASS 2013, Charlotte Memories   Friends and Technology   Part 1

I never miss to take my snap with my favorite Steve Jones. When you meet him, he lifts our spirit with his kind words.

sqlpass2013 4 SQL SERVER   SQLPASS 2013, Charlotte Memories   Friends and Technology   Part 1

Keynote hall at SQLPASS

sqlpass2013 5 SQL SERVER   SQLPASS 2013, Charlotte Memories   Friends and Technology   Part 1

Expo hall at SQLPASS

sqlpass2013 6 SQL SERVER   SQLPASS 2013, Charlotte Memories   Friends and Technology   Part 1

David DeWitt’s keynote was the best technical presentations I have seen at SQLPASS.

sqlpass2013 7 SQL SERVER   SQLPASS 2013, Charlotte Memories   Friends and Technology   Part 1

Tim Radney and Pinal Dave – I am so fortunate to have friends like Tim. SQL brought people from two parts of the world together.

sqlpass2013 9 SQL SERVER   SQLPASS 2013, Charlotte Memories   Friends and Technology   Part 1

Nascar Hall of Fame – very interesting place.

sqlpass2013 10 SQL SERVER   SQLPASS 2013, Charlotte Memories   Friends and Technology   Part 1

I just loved this photograph! May be we will do a contest in the future about this image.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – SQLPASS Nov 8-11, 2010-Seattle – An Alternative Look at Experience

I recently attended most prestigious SQL Server event SQLPASS between Nov 8-11, 2010 at Seattle. I have only one expression for the event –

Best Summit Ever

This year the summit was at its best. Instead of writing about my usual routine or the event, I am going to write about the interesting things I did and how I felt about it!

Best Summit Ever
Best Summit Ever

Trip to Seattle!

This was my second trip to Seattle this year and the journey is always long. Here is the travel stats on how long it takes to get to Seattle:

  • 24 hours official air time
  • 36 hours total travel time (connection waits and airport commute)

Every time I travel to USA I gain a day and when I travel back to home, I lose a day. However, the total traveling time is around 3 days. The journey is long and very exhausting. However, it is all worth it when you’re attending an event like SQLPASS. Here are few things I carry when I travel for a long journey:

  • Dry Snack packs – I like to have some good Indian Dry Snacks along with me in my backpack so I can have my own snack when I want
  • Amazon Kindle – Loaded with 80+ books
  • A physical book – This is usually a very easy to read book

I do not watch movies on the plane and usually spend my time reading something quick and easy. If I can go to sleep, I go for it. I prefer to not to spend time in conversation with the guy sitting next to me because usually I end up listening to their biography, which I cannot blog about.

Sheraton Seattle
Sheraton Seattle
SQLPASS (7) SQLAuthority News   SQLPASS Nov 8 11, 2010 Seattle   An Alternative Look at Experience

In any case, I love to go to Seattle as the city is great and has everything a brilliant metropolis has to offer. The new Light Train is extremely convenient, and I can take it directly from the airport to the city center. My hotel, the Sheraton, was only few meters (in the USA people count in blocks – 3 blocks) away from the train station. This time I saved USD 40 each round trip due to the Light Train.

Sessions I attended!

Well, I really wanted to attend most of the sessions but there was great dilemma of which ones to choose. There were many, many sessions to be attended and at any given time there was more than one good session being presented. I had decided to attend sessions in area performance tuning and I attended quite a few sessions this year, compared to what I was able to do last year. Here are few names of the speakers whose sessions I attended (please note, following great speakers are not listed in any order. I loved them and I enjoyed their sessions):

  • Conor Cunningham
  • Rushabh Mehta
  • Buck Woody
  • Brent Ozar
  • Jonathan Kehayias
  • Chris Leonard
  • Bob Ward
  • Grant Fritchey

I had great fun attending their sessions. The sessions were meaningful and enlightening. It is hard to rate any session but I have found that the insights learned in Conor Cunningham’s sessions are the highlight of the PASS Summit.

Rushabh Mehta at Keynote SQLPASS
Rushabh Mehta at Keynote SQLPASS


Bucky Woody and Brent Ozar
Bucky Woody and Brent Ozar

I always like the sessions where the speaker is much closer to the audience and has real world experience. I think speakers who have worked in the real world deliver the best content and most useful information.

Sessions I did not like!

Indeed there were few sessions I did not like it and I am not going to name them here. However, there were strong reasons I did not like their sessions, and here is why:

  • Sessions were all theory and had no real world connections.
  • All technical questions ended with confusing answers (lots of “I will get back to you on it,” “it depends,” “let us take this offline” and many more…)
  • “I am God” kind of attitude in the speakers

For example, I attended a session of one very well known speaker who is a specialist for one particular area. I was bit late for the session and was surprised to see that in a room that could hold 350 people there were only 30 attendees. After sitting there for 15 minutes, I realized why lots of people left. Very soon I found I preferred to stare out the window instead of listening to that particular speaker.

One on One Talk!

Many times people ask me what I really like about PASS. I always say the experience of meeting SQL legends and spending time with them one on one and LEARNING!

Here is the quick list of the people I met during this event and spent more than 30 minutes with each of them talking about various subjects:

Pinal Dave and Brad Shulz
Pinal Dave and Brad Shulz
Pinal Dave and Rushabh Mehta
Pinal Dave and Rushabh Mehta
Michael Coles and Pinal Dave
Michael Coles and Pinal Dave
  • Rushabh Mehta – It is always pleasure to meet with him. He is a man with lots of energy and a passion for community. He recently told me that he really wanted to turn PASS into resource for learning for every SQL Server Developer and Administrator in the world. I had great in-depth discussion regarding how a single person can contribute to a community.
  • Michael Coles – I consider him my best friend. It is always fun to meet him. He is funny and very knowledgeable. I think there are very few people who are as expert as he is in encryption and spatial databases. Worth meeting him every single time.
  • Glenn Berry – A real friend of everybody. He is very a simple person and very true to his heart. I think there is not a single person in whole community who does not like him. He is a friends of all and everybody likes him very much. I once again had time to sit with him and learn so much from him. As he is known as Dr. DMV, I can be his nurse in the area of DMV.
  • Brad Schulz – I always wanted to meet him but never got chance until today. I had great time meeting him in person and we have spent considerable amount of time together discussing various T-SQL tricks and tips. I do not know where he comes up with all the different ideas but I enjoy reading his blog and sharing his wisdom with me.
  • Jonathan Kehayias – He is drill sergeant in US army. If you get the impression that he is a giant with very strong personality – you are wrong. He is very kind and soft spoken DBA with strong performance tuning skills. I asked him how he has kept his two jobs separate and I got very good answer – just work hard and have passion for what you do. I attended his sessions and his presentation style is very unique.  I feel like he is speaking in a language I understand.
  • Louis Davidson – I had never had a chance to sit with him and talk about technology before. He has so much wisdom and he is very kind. During the dinner, I had talked with him for long time and without hesitation he started to draw a schema for me on the menu. It was a wonderful experience to learn from a master at the dinner table. He explained to me the real and practical differences between third normal form and forth normal form. Honestly I did not know earlier, but now I do.
  • Erland Sommarskog – This man needs no introduction, he is very well known and very clear in conveying his ideas. I learned a lot from him during the course of year. Every time I meet him, I learn something new and this time was no exception.
  • Joe Webb – Joey is all about community and people, we had interesting conversation about community, MVP and how one can be helpful to community without losing passion for long time. It is always pleasant to talk to him and of course, I had fun time.
  • Ross Mistry – I call him my brother many times because he indeed looks like my cousin. He provided me lots of insight of how one can write book and how he keeps his books simple to appeal to all the readers. A wonderful person and great friend.
  • Ola Hallgren – I did not know he was coming to the summit. I had great time meeting him and had a wonderful conversation with him regarding his scripts and future community activities.
  • Blythe Morrow – She used to be integrated part of SQL Server Community and PASS HQ. It was wonderful to meet her again and re-connect. She is wonderful person and I had a great time talking to her.
  • Solid Quality Mentors – It is difficult to decide who to mention here. Instead of writing all the names, I am going to include a photo of our meeting. I had great fun meeting various members of our global branches. This year I was sitting with my Spanish speaking friends and had great fun as Javier Loria from Solid Quality translated lots of things for me.

Party, Party and Parties

Every evening there were various parties. I did attend almost all of them. Every party had different theme but the goal of all the parties the same – networking. Here are the few parties where I had lots of fun:

  • Dell Reception Party
  • Exhibitor Party
  • Solid Quality Fun Party
  • Red Gate Friends Party
  • MVP Dinner Microsoft Party
  • MVP Dinner Quest Party
  • Gameworks PASS Party
  • Volunteer Party at Garage
Solid Quality Mentors (10 Members out of 120)
Solid Quality Mentors (10 Members out of 120)

They were all great networking opportunities and lots of fun. I really had great time meeting people at the various parties. There were few people everywhere – well, I will say I am among them – who hopped parties.

NDA – Not Decided Agenda

During the event there were few meetings marked “NDA.” Someone asked me “why are these things NDA?”  My response was simple: because they are not sure themselves. NDA stands for Not Decided Agenda.

Toys, Giveaways and Luggage

I admit, I was like child in Gameworks and was playing to win soft toys. I was doing it for my daughter. I must thank all of the people who gave me their cards to try my luck. I won 4 soft-toys for my daughter and it was fun. Also, thanks to Angel who did a final toy swap with me to get the desired toy for my daughter. I also collected ducks from Idera, as my daughter really loves them.

Solid Quality Booth
Solid Quality Booth

Each of the exhibitors was giving away something and I got so much stuff that my luggage got quite a bit bigger when I returned.

Best Exhibitor

Idera had SQLDoctor (a real magician and fun guy) to promote their new tool SQLDoctor. I really had a great time participating in the magic myself. At one point, the magician made my watch disappear.  I have seen better magic before, but this time it caught me unexpectedly and I was taken by surprise. I won many ducks again.

The Common Question

I heard the following common questions:

  • I have seen you somewhere – who are you? – I am Pinal Dave.
  • I did not know that Pinal is your first name and Dave is your last name, how do you pronounce your last name again? – Da-way
  • How old are you? – I am as old as I can be.
  • Are you an Indian because you look like one? – I did not answer this one.
  • Where are you from? This question was usually asked after looking at my badge which says India.
  • So did you really fly from India? – Yes, because I have seasickness so I do not prefer the sea journey.
  • How long was the journey? – 24/36/12 (air travel time/total travel time/time zone difference)
  • Why do you write on SQLAuthority.com? – Because I want to.
  • I remember your daughter looks like you. – Is this even a question? Of course, she is daddy’s little girl.

There were so many other questions, I will have to write another blog post about it.

SQLPASS (6) SQLAuthority News   SQLPASS Nov 8 11, 2010 Seattle   An Alternative Look at Experience

Again, Best Summit Ever!

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQL SERVER – History of SQL Server Database Encryption

I recently met Michael Coles and Rodeney Landrum the author of one of the kind bookencryptionbook SQL SERVER   History of SQL Server Database Encryption Expert SQL Server 2008 Encryption at SQLPASS in Seattle.

During the conversation we ended up how Microsoft is evolving encryption technology. The same discussion lead to talking about history of encryption tools in SQL Server. Michale pointed me to page 18 of his book of encryption. He explicitly give me permission to re-produce relevant part of history from his book.

Encryption in SQL Server 2000

Built-in cryptographic encryption functionality was nonexistent in SQL Server 2000 and prior versions. In order to get server-side encryption in SQL Server you had to resort to purchasing or creating your own SQL Server XPs. Creating your own cryptographic XPs could be a daunting task owing to the fact that XPs had to be compiled as native DLLs (using a language like C or C++) and the XP application programming interface (API) was poorly documented. In addition there were always concerns around creating wellbehaved XPs that “played nicely” with the SQL Server process.

Encryption in SQL Server 2005

Prior to the release of SQL Server 2005 there was a flurry of regulatory activity in response to accounting scandals and attacks on repositories of confidential consumer data. Much of this regulation centered onthe need for protecting and controlling access to sensitive financial and consumer information. With the release of SQL Server 2005 Microsoft responded to the increasing demand for built-in encryption byproviding the necessary tools to encrypt data at the column level. This functionality prominently featured the following:

  • Support for column-level encryption of data using symmetric keys or passphrases.
  • Built-in access to a variety of symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms, including AES, DES, Triple DES, RC2, RC4, and RSA.
  • Capability to create and manage symmetric keys. Key creation and management.
  • Ability to generate asymmetric keys and self-signed certificates, or to install external asymmetric keys and certificates.
  • Implementation of hierarchical model for encryption key management, similar to the ANSI X9.17 standard model.
  • SQL functions to generate one-way hash codes and digital signatures, including SHA-1 and MD5 hashes.
  • Additional SQL functions to encrypt and decrypt data.
  • Extensions to the SQL language to support creation, use, and administration of encryption keys and certificates.
  • SQL CLR extensions that provide access to .NET-based encryption functionality.

Encryption in SQL Server 2008

Encryption demands have increased over the past few years. For instance, there has been a demand for the ability to store encryption keys “off-the-box,” physically separate from the database and the data it contains. Also there is a recognized requirement for legacy databases and applications to take advantage of encryption without changing the existing code base. To address these needs SQL Server 2008 adds the following features to its encryption arsenal:

  • Transparent Data Encryption (TDE): Allows you to encrypt an entire database, including log files and the tempdb database, in such a way that it is transparent to client applications.
  • Extensible Key Management (EKM): Allows you to store and manage your encryption keys on an external device known as a hardware security module (HSM).
  • Cryptographic random number generation functionality.
  • Additional cryptography-related catalog views and dynamic management views.
  • SQL language extensions to support the new encryption functionality.

The encryption book covers all the tools in its various chapter in one simple story. If you are interested how encryption evolved and reached to the stage where it is today, this book is must for everyone.

You can read my earlier review of the book over here.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – Author Visit – SQL Server 2008 R2 Launch

June 11, 2010 was a wonderful day because I attended the very first SQL Server 2008 R2 Launch event held by Microsoft at Mumbai. I traveled to Mumbai from my home town, Ahmedabad. The event was located at one of the best hotels in Mumbai,”The Leela”.

theleela2 SQLAuthority News   Author Visit   SQL Server 2008 R2 Launchtheleela3 SQLAuthority News   Author Visit   SQL Server 2008 R2 Launch

SQL Server R2 Launch was an evening event that had a few interesting talks. SQL PASS is associated with this event as one of the partners and its goal is to increase the awareness of the Community about SQL Server. I met many interesting people and had a great networking opportunity at the event.

r2launch1 SQLAuthority News   Author Visit   SQL Server 2008 R2 Launch

This event was kicked off with an awesome laser show and a “Welcome” video, which was followed by a Microsoft Executive session wherein there were several interesting demo. The very first demo was about Powerpivot. I knew beforehand that there will be Powerpivot demos because it is a very popular subject; however, I was really hoping to see other interesting demos from SQL Server 2008 R2. And believe me; I was happier to see the later demos. There were demos from SQL Server Utility Control Point, as well an integration of Bing Map with Reporting Servers. I really enjoyed the interactive and informative session by Shivaram Venkatesh. He had excellent presentation skills as well as ample technical knowledge to keep the audience attentive. I really liked his presentations skills wherein he did not read the whole slide deck; rather, he picked one point and using that point he told the story of the whole slide deck. I also enjoyed my conversation with Afaq Choonawala, who is one of the “gem guys” in Microsoft. I also want to acknowledge Ashwin Kini and Mohit Panchal for their excellent support to this event. Mumbai IT Pro is a user group which you can really count on for any kind of help.

r2launch2 SQLAuthority News   Author Visit   SQL Server 2008 R2 Launch

After excellent demos and a vibrant start of the event, all the audience was jazzed up. There were two vendors’ sessions right after the first session. Intel had 15 minutes to present; however, Intel’s representative, who had good knowledge of the subject, had nearly 30+ slides in his presentation, so he had to rush a bit to cover the whole slide deck. Intel presentations were followed up by another vendor presentation from NetApp. I have previously heard about this tool. After I saw the demo which did not work the first time the Net App presenter demonstrated it, I started to have a doubt on this product. I personally went to clarify my doubt to the demo booth after the presentation was over, but I realize the NetApp presenter or booth owner had absolutely a POOR KNOWLEDGE of SQL Server and even of their own NetApp product. The NetApp people tried to misguide us and when we argued, they started to say different things against what they said earlier. At one point in their presentation, they claimed their application does something very fast, which did not really happen in front of all the audience. They blamed SQL Server R2 DBCC CHECKDB command for their product’s failed demonstration. I know that NetApp has many great products; however, this one was not conveyed clearly and even created a negative impression to all of us.

r2launch3 SQLAuthority News   Author Visit   SQL Server 2008 R2 Launch

Well, let us not judge the potential, fun, education and enigma of the launch event through a small glitch. This event was jam-packed and extremely well-received by everybody who attended it. As what I said, average demos and good presentations by MS folks were really something to cheer about. Any launch event is considered as successful if it achieves its goal to excite users with its cutting edge technology; just like this event that left a very deep impression on me.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – Notes of Excellent Experience at SQL PASS 2009 Summit, Seattle

Update: Do not forget to checkout last three photos and follow me on twitter (of course!)

I have previously documented my four-day experience of SQL PASS 2009 Summit at Seattle. There were many reasons for SQL enthusiasts to attend the SQL PASS event; I am listing my own reasons here in order of importance to me.

  • Networking with SQL fellows and experts
  • Putting face to the name or avatar
  • Learning and improving my SQL skills
  • Understanding the structure of the largest SQL Server Professional Association
  • Attending my favorite training sessions

During these four days, there was so much happening that it is difficult to document everything. I had tried to cover this event briefly on a daily basis in the following blog posts:

SQLAuthority News – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 – Day 1
SQLAuthority News – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 – Day 2
SQLAuthority News – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 – Day 3
SQLAuthority News – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 – Day 4

I will list a few of the additional details that I have not included in the earlier post. Keynotes were the best part of the event, and I have covered major points of the keynote in above mentioned posts. I had met many SQL Legends during this event and included information regarding them. However, there were few things I still missed and I am listing them here. Seattle is great city, and I am visiting it the second time. This time I got an opportunity to take the Underground city tour and I had really enjoyed.

Washington Convention Center
Washington Convention Center
Undergroud Tour 1
Undergroud Tour 1
Undergroup Tour 2
Undergroup Tour 2

It was great to meet SQL Server MVP Glenn Berry at the MVP Summit. He is a very kind and friendly person. You will always find him hanging around with people from different organizations and countries. If you try to eavesdrop his conversation, you will hear terms like ‘dmv’, ‘performance’, and ‘optimized query’ very often. He is very much known for his excellent optimization script known as “SQL Server 2008 Diagnostic Information Queries“. If you have never taken a look at that, I urge you to go there and check this out. I believe that even if he blogs once a year only with this script, his fans will not complain. I have previously published his interview on my blog. Please note that he is the only person ever featured in an interview on this blog.

Glenn Berry and Pinal Dave
Glenn Berry and Pinal Dave

It depends! This is one most loved (or hated) phrase in the world of programmers or DBA. It is quite common to start answering question using this phrase. Mostly, this phrase initiates humor but rarely, people take this as offence. Again the intent of speaker is not always conveyed properly, it depends on how the phrase is used (I could not resist to use this phrase as well :P). I had very interesting discussion with Michelle Ufford and Jason Strate when we were waiting for coffee at one afternoon. We discussed both the sides of this phrase. Michelle suggested many good points when and why this phrase is valid. Jason also suggested that this phrase is commonly used a) when the presenter does not have sufficient information to answer or b) when the presenter does not know the answer. We discussed that it would be really interesting to start the conversation answering the most possible answer and then talking about special cases (for which it depends is quite commonly used.) Let us see one example.

Michelle Ufford, Jason Strate, Pinal Dave
Michelle Ufford, Jason Strate, Pinal Dave

Q: Does index improve performance?
A1: It depends on query and data you have.
A2: Usually YES; however, there are cases when it reduces performance, for which the query and data needs to be examined carefully.

There are times when it depends totally make sense. I use it several times; I love the blog of Andy Warren which talks is branded as it depends. This discussion between three of us was just a friendly discussion, and if you think we are talking about you, it is wrong!

During this event, I had great conversation with SQL Legend Buck Woody. This man is full of energy and may be the most loved person in this summit. His session was the funniest session I have ever attended. At the end of his session, I had more than 2 pages of my notebook filled with notes. If I have wrote down how many times, I have laughed loudly, I would have no time to do anything else. Buck had a good hour of discussion with me. We discussed many different topics, ranging from Community to Microsoft and Collage Students to SQL. I am very thankful to Buck for spending his valuable time with me – I am honored.

Buck Woody and Pinal Dave
Buck Woody and Pinal Dave

Joe Celko – this name is very popular in SQL world, and I admit that I was always afraid of him. Every time I see his photo, I just felt nervous. I never thought that I should meet him. Honestly, for the same reason, I did not attend his session. I was absolutely wrong. I met him right after his session was over. He is one of the most friendly people I have met in my life. He is very soft spoken. He gauges the level and understanding of other person and speaks at the same level. He made me laugh and taught many good techniques for how to become good speaker and presenter. When I said I was sorry that I was scared of him, he laughed and said that he knows this. Boy, what a mistake I did!! I should have attended his session. Well, at least I am accepting my mistake here. He is indeed a very friendly soul. He promised me that one time he will come to India.

Brian Moran is the newly elected board member; I would like to call him as ‘the Man with 1000 successful ideas‘. You have to come across him to know what I am talking about. I had the great opportunity to meet him and discuss few things, besides SQL. Brian had many excellent ideas about how to build the community, how to help SQL PASS and few excellent ideas about how to take PASS to the next level. I am glad that he is one of the board members for PASS. PASS is all about passion, and Brian clearly demonstrates the same.

Pinal Dave, Joe Celko, Brian Moran
Pinal Dave, Joe Celko, Brian Moran

I met all of them and had a great conversation with them. It was great to meet Ed Hackney; he is a wonderful person and very easily approachable. He talked about SQL community in India and how any community cannot be restrained within geographical boundaries.

Ed Hackney and Pinal Dave
Ed Hackney and Pinal Dave

I was waiting to meet Thomas LaRock. He is an excellent SQL Master, and he talked in detail about outsourcing SQL technology and SQL community. I really enjoyed meeting him and spending some time with him during the summit. I plan to learn more from him when I meet him next time.

Thomas LaRock and Pinal Dave
Thomas LaRock and Pinal Dave

Robert Cain, he is one of the very few SQL masters, who have expertise in .net and Business Intelligence at the same time. I have previously wrote about him in Big Thinkers – Robert Cain. He has given approval that I can write about his BI presentation on this blog. I will write about it soon.

Chris Massy, Robert Cain, Pinal Dave
Chris Massey, Robert Cain, Pinal Dave

I have previously written a lot about Greg Low on this blog. However, I just can not resist to put this excellent photo once again here. He has great respect for the international community; and he had spent some quality time with me discussing how to enhance and grow the global community. Greg gave his insight and few plan cache tips as well. You can read my review of his book ‘Book Review – The Rational Guide to Building Technical User Communities (Rational Guides)‘. You can also read our discussion on plan cache ‘SQL SERVER – Plan Caching and Schema Change – An Interesting Observation‘.

Greg Low and Pinal Dave
Greg Low and Pinal Dave

Following image is for sure very interesting! Can you recognize the person? Well, just go here and read about Mr. Denny. And I do have permission from him to publish this photo!

Mr. Danny
Mr. Danny

PASS 2010 dates are announced; this event will take place between 8 and 12 November 2010.

PASS 2010
PASS 2010

Following image is my favorite as it brings the future and past of PASS together. Kevin Kline, a hero of PASS summit, (as he dedicated 10 years of his life to serve PASS board) is in same frame with Rushabh Mehta, who is President Elect for 2010.

Past President Kevin Kline and Future President Rushabh Mehta
Past President Kevin Kline and Future President Rushabh Mehta

Now I am coming to the most interesting part of my experience. I want to introduce to all of you the youngest SQL PASS fan and follower. Her name is Shaivi Dave, and she is big fan of SQL PASS! Shaivi suggests that save your money and register right away for PASS. There is no other conference which is as valuable as SQL PASS.

Nupur Dave and Shaivi Dave
Nupur Dave and Shaivi Dave
Pinal Dave and Shaivi Dave
Pinal Dave and Shaivi Dave

She had conveyed her wish to SQL PASS President Elect Rushabh Mehta when she was just 19 days old. May be one of following years, we will see her at summit.

Rushabh Mehta, Shaivi Dave, Pinal Dave
Rushabh Mehta, Shaivi Dave, Pinal Dave

This is note is addendum to my four original posts. I strongly suggest you all to read my earlier posts for details on keynote and other SQL legends.

SQLAuthority News – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 – Day 1
SQLAuthority News – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 – Day 2
SQLAuthority News – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 – Day 3
SQLAuthority News – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 – Day 4

If you have visited this event and have something more to add to what I have written, please feel free to add it here as a comment. I am looking forward for you all to add more details and information here. Follow me on twitter.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQL Server 2008 Diagnostic Information Queries

SQLAuthority News – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 – Day 4

Fourth day was awesome! I had scheduled nearly 8 meetings with different groups of people today. It was really great fun. Let us see the keypoints for the same.

  • PASS President Wayne Snyder honored and thanked Kevin Kline for his 10 YEARS of service.
  • Kevin then gets a well-deserved standing ovation from the entire audience.
  • Next year’s PASS Summit will be in Seattle from November 8 to 11, 2010.
  • Dell Key note was little flat in delivery. Dell was primary sponsor for the event.
  • Dr. David DeWitt, Technical Fellow, Data & Storage Platform Division at Microsoft starts presentation entitled “From 1 to 1000 MIPS.” One of the best sessions I ever had in my life.

The keynote was followed by several meetings. There was lot of food, drinks and entertainment all around. I received so much swag that I had to get brand new bag to contain the same. I will post the photos of the stuff that received once I reach home. I will be heading towards airport in next 15 minutes. So, I will be disconnected from the Internet for 36 hours once I board the flight. I am uploading only 2–3 photos at this moment. Check here again as I have nearly 30 more photos to share.

SQLPASS404 SQLAuthority News   SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009   Day 4

SQLPASS410 SQLAuthority News   SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009   Day 4
Buck Woody Presenting Excellent Funny Session

SQLPASS407 SQLAuthority News   SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009   Day 4

I really enjoyed the summit. I will post the in-depth summary of my whole trip to USA once I reach home. Thank you PASS; I will come here next year!

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)