SQLAuthority News – Announcing Winners of the Office 2010 Giveaway

Thank you all for participating in Office 2010 giveaway. After carefully evaluation following user is announced as the winner. The question was as following.

Choose best option:

With which Microsoft Office Product Powerpivot is associated?

1) PowerPoint
2) Excel
3) Word

The answer was suppose to be most creative and informative. Many congratulations to the winner of the Office Giveaway.

Winning comment by Sagar.

PowerPivot refers to a collection of applications and services that provide an end-to-end solution for creating and sharing business intelligence using Excel and SharePoint.

As SharePoint is not the option answer is ‘EXCEL’.

PowerPivot for Excel is an authoring tool that you use to create PowerPivot data in an Excel workbook. You use Excel data visualization objects such as PivotTables and PivotCharts to present the PowerPivot data that you embed or reference in an Excel workbook file.

Congrats Sagar! You’ll soon receive your licensed copy of Office.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – Win MS Office License – Last 2 days

Just a note for everybody who is from India and want to win FREE Office License, participate in very easy contest here.

SQLAuthority News – Virtual Launch Event for Office 2010 – Contest – Win MS Office License

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – Office 2010 Readiness Check – Are you ready for Office 2010?

PowerPivot for Excel is a data analysis tool that delivers unmatched computational power directly within the application users already know and love—Microsoft Excel. Office 2010 is the next version of Office 2010. We all know Office 2010 is on the verge of getting released and the reviews available online say that it’s a phenomenal product.

Vijay thumb SQLAuthority News   Office 2010 Readiness Check   Are you ready for Office 2010?My friend Vijay Raj has written excellent article on Office 2010 Readiness Check. Vijay is a Microsoft MVP, focusing on Application Setup and Deployment. He is also a Springboard Series Technical Expert Panel member for Windows 7.  He is one among the core team members at BDotnet and BITPro User Groups. Apart from being passionate about Technology evangelism, he loves music. He is also a big fan of Mark Russinovich, A R Rahman and Sachin. He blogs at http://www.msigeek.com.

Let us read the piece he sent for SQLAuthority.com readers to aid them with Office 2010 Readiness Check

Are you ready for Office 2010? It may look simple for an end-user, but when you look it from an enterprise perspective, there are lots of things which need to be considered before the migration and Compatibility stands out to be one big stop point. Compatibility issues may cover everything right from your environment till the addins which you develop.

Microsoft has released 2 tools (Office Environment scanning tool (OEAT) and Compatibility Inspector) which will exactly help you address this concern.

Office Environment scanning tool (OEAT)

This a comprehensive tool which (along with documentation) assists a customer in the assessment phase of deployment. It identifies the currently installed applications and installation environment, add-ins currently in use by Office clients, programs that are not registered as add-ins but still interact with Office programs, provides a report on the Environmental assessment (potential upgrade issues) and also reports the Add-ins assessment–list of third party programs and information about the compatibility of those programs with Microsoft Office 2010.

OEAT Scan Settings SQLAuthority News   Office 2010 Readiness Check   Are you ready for Office 2010?

Read this article to know more on how you can use the Office Environment scanning tool (OEAT)

Microsoft Office 2010 Compatibility Inspector

This tool compares existing code against the Office 2010 object model by using a text search for known properties and methods that have changed. It includes a basic scanner where definitions and remediation links are updated from a central online location. It also generates a summary report and a details report. The summary includes the total lines of code scanned as well as total lines identified as potential candidates for object model changes. The details report includes the module name, line number, and links to remediation for each identified issue along with color-coded flags for impact guidance. You can run the tool against specific projects. This tool is available as an addins for both Office and Visual Studio.

Inspect VBA code Project SQLAuthority News   Office 2010 Readiness Check   Are you ready for Office 2010?

Read this article to know more on how you can use the Compatibility Inspector (http://www.msigeek.com/2821/fixing-code-compatibility-issues-with-office-2010-compatibility-inspector)

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)