SQLAuthority News – Koenig Solutions Invests into World’s Largest IT Training Center

Here is very interesting news from my friends at Koenig Solutions. They have opened a new IT training center which is indeed the state of the art facility. Here is the quick note of what I have observed about their new facility. This is excellent news for me as the leadership team of the Koenig and I go a long way back. It is fantastic to see your friends growing and becoming the largest IT Training Center.

Koenig Solutions houses the world’s largest IT training center in New Delhi. It comprises over 50 classrooms for imparting training as well as more than 26 hi-tech testing stations. There are also four other campuses throughout India, as well as a center in Dubai, to best suit all the students, no matter where they are.  Every campus boasts the same high standards, facilities, and amenities.  Their original facility in New Delhi remains the most popular classroom for “destination learning.”

This modern facility also boasts of an in-house coffee shop and travel desk to cater to all possible needs of our students, in addition to their educational requirements.  The facility doubles as a classroom and as a world-class hotel, with lodging for 25 students.  Every room features hot and cold running water, satellite television, and LCD screens.  There are also free laundry services, a free gymnasium, and free yoga classes.  At Koenig you can exercise your mind and your body!

Koenig’s Delhi Centre also garners huge credibility based on the fact that it is the largest Prometric and Vue testing center in India.  Having both certification tests available in one spot is extremely helpful because the two providers offer certifications in different technology companies.  For example, Microsoft uses only Prometric, while Cisco uses only VUE.  If you prefer one certification or another, or would like to try both, the Dehli Center is equipped to meet all your needs.

All these benefits make our Delhi Center irresistibly attractive to those who are looking for great quality training coupled with excellent infrastructure.  Additionally, fun day trips are within easy reach via this campus.  Visit Agra, location of the Taj Mahal, one your time off.  Combine business with pleasure, and learn while exploring amazing historical sites.

Other facilities:

Library: Access to a vast and rich study material for students who constantly like to expand their knowledge base.  Traditional text books are obviously available in the library, as well as online resources, so that you can better research any topic that catches your attention.

Prayer Room: Meditate and find peace in the prayer room whenever you feel like reconnecting with your Higher Self.  It has been repeatedly proven that after a day filled with study, exercise, and physical or mental exertion, the best way to both recover and recall the material is to spend some quiet time with yourself – not necessarily thinking about the subject, but letting your subconscious do the work for you.  Give the Prayer Room a shot.  You are guaranteed to emerge more relaxed.

Reflexology: Give those aching muscles some rest with a reflexology session and get back to study lessons feeling rejuvenated.  Most exercise programs recommend a full-body workout – it is pointless to exercise only the arms, or only the legs.  It is the same with learning.  Exercising the muscle that is your brain will leave the rest of your body “left out.”  We make sure to provide opportunities for our students to make the most of their training.

If you are traveling to Delhi – I suggest to stop by Koenig Solutions‘s IT center and check out their ultra modern facilities.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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