SQLAuthority News – Microsoft in India – Leadership Profiles

Recently when I have attended SQLAuthority News – MVP Open Day South Asia – Jan 20, 2010 – Jan 23, 2010 I got the chance to attend the keynote by Srini Koppolu Corporate Vice President & Managing Director (Microsoft India Development Center). It was great keynote and very interesting. We all were listening it carefully to the master who developed IDC. While listening him I realize that I do not know other pillars of Microsoft India. Just searching a bit online on MS site I came across following site which has list of all the leaders of the Microsoft India.

I am sure just like me there are many others who wonder about the top leadership of Microsoft India.

I have found following link on MS site where they have listed all the top leaders along with their bio.

MS Leadership

MS Leadership

Microsoft in India » Leadership Profiles

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

One thought on “SQLAuthority News – Microsoft in India – Leadership Profiles

  1. How can I get information about number of MS SQL users in India? Is there a list that gives the customers list of MS SQL server for India? Thanks!


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