SQL Authority News – Training MS SQL Server 2005/2008 Query Optimization And Performance Tuning

Earlier this year we had offered Query Optimization course and it was sold out in minutes. Due to popular demand we are offering the same course in very first week of next year. The title of the course is ‘MS SQL Server 2005/2008 Query Optimization And Performance Tuning‘.

The course is scheduled to be delivered from 4th Jan, 2010 and 6th Jan, 2010 in Pune, India.

This three day course is an intensive course designed to give attendees an in-depth look at the query optimization and performance tuning concepts and methods found in SQL Server 2005/2008. This course is designed to prepare the SQL Server developers and administrators for a transition to SQL Server 2005/2008 while discussing best practices for a variety of topics.

Day 1 : Strengthen the basics along with SQL Server 2005/2008 New Features

Module 01: Subqueries, Ranking Functions, Joins and Set Operations
Module 02: Table Expressions
Module 03: TOP and APPLY
Module 04: SQL Server 2008 Enhancements

Day 2: Query Optimization & Performance Tuning 1

Module 05: Logical Query Processing
Module 06: Query Tuning
Module 07:  Introduction to the Query Processor
Module 08:  Review of common query coding which causes poor performance

Day 3: Query Optimization & Performance Tuning 2

Module 09:  SQL Server Indexing and index maintenance
Module 10:  Plan Guides, query hints, UDFs, and Computed Columns
Module 11:  Understanding SQL Server Execution Plans
Module 12: Real World Index and Optimization Tips

The space are limited and I encourage you to register as soon as possible.

Call to register – +91 98817 95739, +91 98508 43664, +91 99229 33319

Email to register – workshop “at” seedinfotech.com

If due to any reason, you can not attend this course, please call or email on details above for future schedule for the course and location.

If you call and find whole course is sold out do contact me and I will try to get you space for sure.

We do plan to offer this course in other cities. Keep checking this blog.

MSQOPT1 SQL Authority News   Training MS SQL Server 2005/2008 Query Optimization And Performance Tuning

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

13 thoughts on “SQL Authority News – Training MS SQL Server 2005/2008 Query Optimization And Performance Tuning

  1. Hi Pinal,

    Very much happy to see the long awaited info about the session.

    The course days are from Monday to Wednesday. Would be very difficult for us, the longing working aspirants, to get leaves during the start of the new year, when by then all our clients would be back after their christmas holidays.

    I can understand, your schedule also would be too tight. Any chance to have a session along a weekend, would be a blessing for us.



  2. I have a column ShiftId in ShiftMaster table with identity on. Another column ShiftName is unique. If we try to insert duplicate Shift Name, it throws error… obviously. But Identity is incremented at the same time. I want identity to be incremented only if record is inserted. Like if i have generated ShiftId from 1 to 5 and then on 6th record insertion error occurred and on next record insertion identity value will be 7 but i wish it to be 6.


    • Hi Awadesh,
      Normal behavior of identity columns:
      Failed statements and transactions can change the current identity for a table and create gaps in the identity column values. The identity value is never rolled back even though the transaction that tried to insert the value into the table is not committed. For example, if an INSERT statement fails because of an violation, the current identity value for the table is still incremented.

      One way you can control this behavior to use the
      SET IDENTITY_INSERT dbo.Tablename ON, this way you can control the insert of identity values and make sure that there are no gaps.


  3. Many queries are there to catch-up SQL Server with SolidQ in Bangalore and I am happily joining them. Had some words with SolidQ folks earlier and they says plans are in pipeline to xecute. Hope to catch you in Blore soon !


  4. Dear Pinal Dave,

    Is there any other training that you are conducting in bangalore locations kindly let me know

    Thanks & Regards

    Prakash babu


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