SQL SERVER – FIX: Error: 5511 – FILESTREAM’s file system log record under log folder is corrupted

Many times, people have asked me to share my experiences as a freelance consultant. This is one of the experiences I would like to share. Sometimes, I have been in a situation where I have to ask a restart of SQL Server. The situation becomes stressful when the server is restarted, and production database fails to come online. In this blog, we would discuss error 5511 for filestream which I encountered after restarting SQL Server service.

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SQL SERVER – Too many dumps generated. CPerIndexMetaQS::ErrorAbort – Index Corruption

I always try to share my knowledge and learning from a client engagement. This helps me in remembering the steps I took to reach to the solution. It also helps my blog readers to follow the same steps and fix their problem rather than waiting for some expert to fix it. So you see, this is a WIN-WIN situation for both of us. Let us learn in this blog post how to fix index corruption. 

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SQL SERVER – Alternative to DBCC INPUTBUFFER – sys.dm_exec_input_buffer

DBCC INPUTBUFFER has been one of the most popular commands to display the last statement sent from a client to an instance of Microsoft SQL Server. We all have been using it for quite a while. However, this DBCC command showed very little information and DBA always wanted to see more details. In SQL Server 2016 we have a new Dynamic Management Function (DMV) sys.dm_exec_input_buffer which provides many additional details as well.

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