SQL SERVER – FIX: Backup Detected Log Corruption in database MyDB. Context is Bad Middle Sector

During my consulting, I guide my clients to have a backup plan in place. One of my clients reported that whenever they try to take a Full Backup of a database, it fails precisely after 60% completion. Here is the error message while making database backup using SQL Server Management Studio. Let us fix error related to the bad middle sector in this blog. 

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SQL SERVER – Too many dumps generated. CPerIndexMetaQS::ErrorAbort – Index Corruption

I always try to share my knowledge and learning from a client engagement. This helps me in remembering the steps I took to reach to the solution. It also helps my blog readers to follow the same steps and fix their problem rather than waiting for some expert to fix it. So you see, this is a WIN-WIN situation for both of us. Let us learn in this blog post how to fix index corruption. 

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