SQL SERVER – FIX: Error: 5511 – FILESTREAM’s file system log record under log folder is corrupted

Many times, people have asked me to share my experiences as a freelance consultant. This is one of the experiences I would like to share. Sometimes, I have been in a situation where I have to ask a restart of SQL Server. The situation becomes stressful when the server is restarted, and production database fails to come online. In this blog, we would discuss error 5511 for filestream which I encountered after restarting SQL Server service.

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SQL SERVER – Slow Filestream Data Cleanup. What Should We Do?

One of my client reported an issue where they were running low on free disk space on the drive where they have file-stream files. They are one of a heavy user of filestream feature as compare to any of my previous clients. As per their observation, the filestream disk space was getting released very slow after deleting the records in database tables using this feature.

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SQL SERVER – Working with FileTables in SQL Server 2012 – Part 3 – Retrieving Various FileTable Properties

Read Part 1 Working with FileTables in SQL Server 2012 – Part 1 – Setting Up Environment
Read Part 2 Working with FileTables in SQL Server 2012 – Part 2 – Methods to Insert Data Into Table
In this third part of the series, we will see how we can retrieve various information from the FileTable database.

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