SQL SERVER – Shrinking Database NDF and MDF Files – Readers’ Opinion

Previously, I had written a blog post about SQL SERVER – Shrinking NDF and MDF Files – A Safe Operation. After that, I have written the following blog post that talks about the advantage and disadvantage of Shrinking and why one should not be Shrinking a file SQL SERVER – SHRINKFILE and TRUNCATE Log File in SQL Server 2008. On this subject, SQL Server Expert Imran Mohammed left an excellent comment. I just feel that his comment is worth a big article itself. For everybody to read his wonderful explanation, I am posting this blog post here about Shrinking Database.

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SQL SERVER – Reseed Identity of Table – Table Missing Identity Values – Gap in Identity Column

Some time ago I was helping one of my Junior Developers who presented me with an interesting situation. He had a table with Identity Column. Because of some reasons he was compelled to delete few rows from the table. On inserting new rows in the table he noticed that the…
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