SQL SERVER – Reseed Identity of Table – Table Missing Identity Values – Gap in Identity Column

Some time ago I was helping one of my Junior Developers who presented me with an interesting situation. He had a table with Identity Column. Because of some reasons he was compelled to delete few rows from the table. On inserting new rows in the table he noticed that the…
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SQL SERVER – Find Number of Rows and Disk Space Reserved – Using sp_spaceused Interesting Observation

Previously I posted SQL SERVER – Find Row Count in Table – Find Largest Table in Database – T-SQL. Today we will look into the same issue but with some additional interesting detail. We can find the row count using another system SP sp_spaceused. This SP gives additional information regarding…
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SQL SERVER – 2008 – 2005 – Find Longest Running Query – TSQL

UPDATE : Updated this query with bug fixed with one more enhancement SERVER – 2008 – 2005 – Find Longest Running Query – TSQL – Part 2.
Recently my company owner asked me to find which query is running longest. It was very interesting that I was not able to find any T-SQL script online which can give me this data directly. Finally, I wrote down very quick script which gives me T-SQL which has ran on server along with average time and maximum time of that T-SQL execution. As I keep on writing I needed to know when exactly logging was started for the same T-SQL so I had added Logging start time in the query as well.

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