SQLAuthority News – Community Tech Days, Ahmedabad – July 24, 2010

Community Tech Days are a series of events in my city. Ahmedabad Community is one of the best communities I have ever come across in this world. People are genius, very kind and very patient. They are not shy to ask any questions and I could see their keen desire to learn and absorb new technology. My special thanks to the Community because without them, this event series would not be possible.

SQLAuthority News – Community Tech Days, Ahmedabad – July 24, 2010 AMDCTD01 Community Tech Days

It rained hard the day before and even on the very day of the event, which led me to think that there would not be much crowd.  But to everybody’s surprise, the strong Community of Ahmedabad showed up with around 300 people at the event. They all lined up in front of the registration and the room was already full. I saw nearly 100 people at the end of the room, standing without chair. I could not go on seeing my fellows standing because this is absolutely unfair. We started 30 minutes later than the planned start time. However, we managed to get extra chairs from the organizations. In the end, everybody was accommodated in the room.

Pinal Dave at Community TechDays

Key Note: 10.15 am to 10.30 am by Pinal Dave

“Welcome Remarks and Key Note by Pinal Dave.”

“’He is a great speaker and people want to listen to him.’  I have been hearing this for so long but for the first time, I got a chance to listen to him. He really gave a perfect opening to the perfect crowd. With his very unique style of speaking, he ignited the audience with excitement ahead in the day. The crowd was almost twice than the seating chairs in the room. But he easily managed everything with the event organizers to put more chairs so that everyone got a seat. He spoke about how Microsoft technology has been changing the day-to-day life of developers and the user as well. He spoke about how the Ahmedabad user group (SQL Server and .Net) is working to help the Community. Then, he introduced the agenda of the day and talked about the speakers. By his unique way of explaining things, the audience got very excited and the stage was set for the day.”

Spatial Database by Pinal Dave

Session #1 Spatial Data Base-The Indexing Story, 10.30 to 11.30 by Pinal Dave

In this session, Pinal Dave talked about Spatial Data Base. If I say that he is a great speaker, then that would not be something new to be spoken about. He was the first speaker of the day and as expected, he gave a great opening. The way he explained the pronunciation of SPATIAL to drawing Monalisa with spatial type was more than awesome. His way of connecting technology to real-time examples was very impressive and very effective, too. His humor between the sessions was really nice. He is a true speaker who can keep the audience awake for the rest of the session.

He explained about

  • Spatial database
  • Why do we need it?
  • Polygons in Spatial type
  • How to find the distance between two cities and many more

Community in Ahmedabad

Jacob Sebastian presenting

In the Afternoon Jacob Sebastian presented a very interesting session. Jacob is an international speaker and has presented in different countries and conferences. His session was on the subject FileStream. I have never seen any speaker talking about this subject in the Indian Subcontinent. He picked this new subject and I must say it was perfectly delivered. He even showed demos that only top experts could deliver. The demos were flawless and really appealing. Jacob is truly a master storyteller. His session was remarkable; we did not realize that the time passed so fast.

There was a power-packed session on Silverlight by Prabhjot Singh Bakshi, wherein he clearly explained how Silverlight is different from Flash, and how one can code quickly using it. It was cheered by the crowd so much. This session was followed up by Mahesh Dola’s demo-oriented Azure presentation with MS Office. Mahesh also gave a Thank You note in the end.

All in all, this event was a major success. I hope we organize this kind of event more often. The Community participation was marvelous. With the support of Microsoft, we were able to celebrate this event. We gave away many T-Shirts, books and other merchandise. I want to express my special thanks to all the speakers, Microsoft and the community for their support.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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