SQLAuthority News – Excellent Event – TechEd Sri Lanka – Feb 8, 2010

TechEd Sri Lanka was held at Waters Edge, Colombo between Feb 8 and Feb 10, 2010. It was one of the largest successful technical event in Sri Lanka. I was extremely surprised to how technically sound this event was and how excited the TechEd attendees were.

SQLAuthority News - Excellent Event - TechEd Sri Lanka - Feb 8, 2010 techsl

I presented there on two different subject. They were very enthusiastic and had so many interesting questions during the session. One of my session received rating of 8.9. I must thank you to all the attendees for sending their feedback and appreciating my session. Both of my session have received feedback above average.

The Other Side of SQL Server Index : Advanced Solutions to Ancient Problem (Rating 8.9)
SQL Server Index is very powerful tool and when in hand of the less skilled expert, the same tool can be very dangerous for performance and can kill server. This session touches the root base of the how incorrect usage of Index can reduce performance and what is the correct way to implement indexing solution. A problem addressed in the session may be age old but the solutions are looked into with the focus of latest versions of SQL Server.

The history of the Log: Change Data Capture (CDC) (Rating 7.8)
Learn to capture the history of data using CDC. An age old method of writing queries and triggers to capture change in database table is replaced with much powerful asynchronous method of change data capture (CDC). All attendees will learn how to configure CDC in less than 60 seconds.

Selected feedback from both of the sessions

  • I got massive knowledge from there Superb
  • Brilliant effort taken to educate us~! surely gonna make my life easier at office!!
  • The best presenter is this person
  • Presentation was very interesting and would be able to gather the points he talk easily
  • Great demo and presentation, cool stuffs.

Along with me there will be other two Solid Quality Mentors – Rushabh Mehta and Joy Ratnayake presenting on various topics. During my visit to Sri Lanka I had received the opportunity to meet MVP from Sri Lanka and I was able to attend the Sri Lanka SQL Server User Group Meeting as well.

Sri Lanka is wonderful place and I had great time to visit the country as well attend TechED Event. I am eagerly waiting for TechEd to come again in 2011.

TechEd SriLanka
Pinal at TechEd SriLanka
Keynote at TechEd Sri Lanka
Pinal Presenting at TechEd Sri Lanka
Pinal Presenting at TechEd Sri Lanka
Rushabh Mehta at TechEd Sri Lanka
Pinal Presenting at TechEd Sri Lanka
UG Leaders and MVPs of Sri Lanka – Joy, Chandana, Gogula, Dinesh
Sri Lanka SQL Server User Group

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Vijaya Kadiyala
    March 2, 2010 9:23 am

    Hey Pinal
    Looks like there is a competion for t-shirts..you were in blue and other MVPs in Yellow..

  • Shailesh Patel
    March 2, 2010 8:46 pm

    Great.. Congrats. Do you have to be Microsoft Evangelist to present topics in TechEd?

    • Hi Shailesh,

      You do not have to talk about technology passionately. I am just passionate for SQL Server, I am not MS Evangelist (MS employee – just to be clear).

      Kind Regards,

      • Shailesh Patel
        March 3, 2010 8:58 pm

        Anybody can present the topic Tech-Ed? I am wondering that you might have to submit the topic that you are interested to present and MS will short it out based on technical and presentation skills? Is that true?

  • Hey Pinal,

    Can you possibly share your your presentations? Was it recorded? Do you have any PPTs? It’d be most appreciated.

  • Hi Pinal,

    Would u let me know on the Agency which did the Event for you over thr by inviting people to the Event.

  • sivajitvanalytics
    September 7, 2010 11:41 am


    Its nice, Share regarding the topics.


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