SQLAuthority News – Reliving TechEd at Bangalore User Groups

TechEd India 2012 was held in Bangalore last March 21 to 23, 2012. Just like every year, this event is bigger, grander and inspiring. Here is my blog post reviewing the event SQLAuthority News – #TechEdIn – TechEd India 2012 Memories and Photos. For me this is a family event – I get to meet my friends who are dear as my family. I like to call User Groups as family too. Family shares life’s personal happiness and experience – the same way User Group shares professional experiences and quite often UG members become just like a family member.

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SQLAuthority News – Ahmedabad Tech Ed On Road June 11, 2011 – A Grand Success of Community Tech Days

I am very excited to announce the huge success of the Microsoft Community Tech Days in Ahmedabad, on 11 June 2011. The turnout for this seminar was huge, and there was a great response from the audience. In fact, the AMA where the conference was held can seat 275 people – but there were over 50 people standing, the event coordinators had to find 150 more chairs, and we even had to turn away 30 people at the door because there was just no more room. This means that there were over 500 attendees!

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SQLAuthority News – A Successful Community Tech Days in Ahmedabad – December 11, 2010

We recently had one of the best community events in Ahmedabad. We were fortunate that we had SQL Experts from around the world to have presented at this event. This gathering was very special because besides Jacob Sebastian and myself, we had two other speakers traveling all the way from Florida (Rushabh Mehta) and Bangalore (Vinod Kumar).There were a total of nearly 170 attendees and the event was a blast. Here are the details of the Tech Days event.

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SQLAuthority News – Community Tech Days, Ahmedabad – July 24, 2010

Community Tech Days are a series of events in my city. Ahmedabad Community is one of the best communities I have ever come across in this world. People are genius, very kind and very patient. They are not shy to ask any questions and I could see their keen desire to learn and absorb new technology. My special thanks to the Community because without them, this event series would not be possible.

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SQLAuthority News – Two SQL Sessions at SQL Data Camp at Chennai – July 17, 2010

I will be presenting two SQL Server advance level sessions at SQL Data Camp @ Chennai. I am very excited for this event as I am going to meet my friends Sugesh, Deepak, Vidhya and Madhivanan at this event. All of them are SQL Server MVPs. I have come to…
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