Developer’s Life – Every Developer is the Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk is possibly one of the scariest superheroes out there.  All superheroes are meant to be “out of this world” and awe-inspiring, but I think most people will agree with I say The Hulk takes this to the next level.  He is the result of an industrial accident, which is scary enough in it’s own right.  Plus, when mild-mannered Bruce Banner is angered, he goes completely out-of-control and transforms into a destructive monster that he cannot control and has no memories of.

With that said, The Incredible Hulk might also be the most powerful superhero.  While I don’t think that developers should get raging mad and turn into giant green destroyers, I think there are still great lessons we can learn from The Hulk.

So how are developers like the Incredible Hulk?

 hulk Developer’s Life   Every Developer is the Incredible Hulk

Well, read on my list of reasons.

Keep Calm

“Don’t make me angry.  You won’t like me when I’m angry.”  Bruce Banner warns everyone he comes in contact with, and this can be a lesson to take into the real world.  Don’t think of as fair warning, and now you are allowed to yell at people.  Think of it as advice to yourself.  Very few people (including developers) good do work when they have steam coming out their ears.

A Little Intensity is a Good Thing

A little intensity is a good thing.  In the movie “The Avengers,” Bruce Banner says he is always angry.  Instead of letting it get out of control and turn him into The Hulk, he harnesses that energy to try to find a solution to their problems.  As a developer, when something is frustrating you, try to channel that energy into beating the problem, not beating up your co-workers.

It is NOT all about You!

It’s not all about you.  In another scene in “The Avengers,” Bruce Banner’s tendency to transform into The Hulk becomes a liability to the rest of the team.  He has to rely on his team members to save themselves (and him) from himself.  Developers work as a team as well.

Constructive Anger

So far, we have discussed The Hulk’s anger like it is a bad thing.  But anger can be constructive, too.  When there is a huge evil to be fought, The Incredible Hulk is a fighting machine.  When there is a huge network or server problem, incredible developers join together and do amazing work.

The Incredible Hulk can be scary – no, let me put it another way – he can be intimidating.  But that just means that the lessons he can teach us all, including developers are about controlling ourselves in tough situations, and rising to the occasion.

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