SQL SERVER – Where Can YOU Get My Books – SQL Server Interview Question and Answers

Earlier month I released by third book SQL Server Interview Question and Answers. The focus of this book is ‘master the basics’. If you rate yourself 10 out of 10 in SQL Server – this book is not for you but if you want to learn fundamentals or want to…
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SQLAuthority News – A Real Story of Book Getting ‘Out of Stock’ to A 25% Discount Story Available

As many of my readers may know, I have recently written a few books.  Right now I’d like to talk about SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers (http://bit.ly/sqlinterviewbook ), my newest release. What inspired me to write this book was similar to my motivations for my previous titles – I…
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SQLAuthority News – New Book Released – SQL Server Interview Questions And Answers

Two days ago, on birthday of my blog – I asked simple question – Guess! What is in this box? I have received lots of interesting comments on the blog about what is in it. Many of you got it absolutely incorrect and many got it close to the right…
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