SQL SERVER – Installation Failure – Specified Instance Via Transform is Already Installed. MSINEWINSTANCE Requires a New Instance that is not Installed

This is one of the situations where my client installed one clustered instance of SQL Server and the second one was failing. In this blog, I would share my findings of error: Specified instance via transform is already installed. MSINEWINSTANCE requires a new instance that is not installed.

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SQL SERVER – You Are Not Logged on as the Database Owner or System Administrator

Every day I spend a good amount of time with my regular and new clients, helping them with SQL Server Performance Tuning issues. Today, in this blog, I will discuss a situation faced where I was engaged in Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. I saw below message on client’s SSMS while he was trying to create a table – You are not logged on as the database owner or system administrator.

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SQL SERVER – How to Automatically Generate SQL Server Documentation ?

A complete and precise documentation serves a good basis for developers and DBAs during their onboarding to get a general picture of the database they start working with. Creating such a documentation manually takes a lot of time and effort. So you seat for hours and hours digging through the database structure figuring out its functionality, data types stored therein, building relationship diagrams, etc. Moreover, every time changes are introduced to the database, you have to get back to it update the documentation by hand. This definitely feels like a burden and you keep delaying it until the last minute.

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How Many Foreign Key Can You Have on A Single Table? – Interview Question of the Week #096

Question: How Many Foreign Key Can You Have on A Single Table?

I was asked above question in my recent SQLPASS presentations. I quickly answered that it is 253. However, after I returned home when I searched a bit more, I realized that my answer is not complete, hence this blog post.

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