SQLAuthority News – Happy Diwali to All of You


SQLAuthority Wishes Happy Diwali to All of You. Diwali is one of the important Hindu festivals, which comprises of four consecutive days of celebrations. Every day of Diwali represents the conquest of good over evil. Nowadays, many people light wax candles as they are easier to handle. Diwali is one of the happiest holidays in India and Nepal with significant preparations. People clean their homes and decorate them for the festivities.

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SQLAuthority News – 700 Articles and Author Updates

It is always interested to write article when reached at milestone. I start to receive many emails and suggestions just about when this blog is reaching any milestone. One question keep on coming to me is why do I write or what is in it for me? Satisfaction! I enjoy…
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SQLAuthority Author Visit – Microsoft Student Partner Conference

The Microsoft Student Partner Program is a worldwide initiative to sponsor students who are interested in technology. The program mainly focuses on improving students skills for enjoyability, called Microsoft Student Partners (MSP). I was recently (August 30, 2008) invited to present technical session at conference held in my City. I…
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SQLAuthority News – Authors Personal Website Renovate – SQL Centric Website

I am very pleased to announce my newly renovated website. I always liked my previous website as it was “Valid XHTML 1.1” and “Valid CSS 2.0”. Since I become MVP last month I have been receiving many emails where people were expecting more from my personal website. My blog http://www.SQLAuthority.com…
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