SQLAuthority Author Visit – Microsoft Student Partner Conference

The Microsoft Student Partner Program is a worldwide initiative to sponsor students who are interested in technology. The program mainly focuses on improving students skills for enjoyability, called Microsoft Student Partners (MSP).

I was recently (August 30, 2008) invited to present technical session at conference held in my City. I really enjoyed presenting the session with very enthusiastic students. I see all the students as future strong members of developer community and Microsoft is doing great job encouraging them and giving them global platform.

The program allows selected students to work along with professionals from Microsoft and to be a student representative for Microsoft on their college campus. It gives them access to the latest technology and an opportunity to explore and discover a whole new range of technologies. The best Student Partners also get the opportunity to apply for jobs at Microsoft.

I enjoyed meeting MSP program lead Siddharth Prakash and .Net Expert Mahesh Dhola at conference. There were more than 450 students attending conference. I really enjoy presenting my session of SQL Server.

I have promised to all the listener that I will soon publish SQL Server 2008 interview questions and answers and I will keep my promise. Attached are few of the photo graphs from the event.

SQLAuthority Author Visit - Microsoft Student Partner Conference Pres1

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Imran Mohammed
    September 3, 2008 7:43 am

    Now that you call really Huge !!!

    Congracts ….Pinal Dev.

  • Thank you Imran,

    I find your articles and suggestions very helpful.

    Kind Regards,
    Pinal Dave ( https://blog.sqlauthority.com/ )

  • hello Pinal sir,

    i would like to thank you for the solution but my actual question is slide differ from this.i asked that in ahemdabad confrence for the “katmai” SQL management studio. that crash after installing the visual studio 2008 sp1. may be because of framework 3.5 sp1 so sir plz check that problem. , and once again thanks for this solution.plz sir check it on windows server 2008.

  • Hi Pinal,

    Is there any way to find the last shrinken database. Please help in this.


  • please correct the error…i cant connet to database for login..am using sql 2008+vs 2008.the login code is..
    SqlDataReader dr = null;
    SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(“Data Source=abhi-PC\\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=park;Integrated Security=True”);

    SqlCommand cmd1 = new SqlCommand(“select user_name,password from staff_login”, con);
    dr = cmd1.ExecuteReader();

    string uname1;
    string uname = textBox_staff_uname.Text;
    string pwd = textBox_staff_uname.Text;

    while (dr.Read())

    uname = dr.GetString(0);
    pwd = dr.GetString(1);

    string p =textBox_staff_uname.Text;

    int r = textBox_staff_pwd.Text.Length;
    pwd = pwd.Remove(r);
    if (textBox_staff_uname.Text == uname && textBox_staff_pwd.Text == pwd)
    staff ad = new staff();


    cmd1.ExecuteNonQuery();//error:there is an already opened datareader with this command.close that first.

  • error is generating as…
    there is an already opened datareader with this command.close that first.

  • Hi all,
    Im using cursor in my procedure,Im getting the value from 1 table,that value is stored in local variable @var,that value is the column name of another table.I want to pass the @var in Cursor Select Statement.How i do that..the Below statements im using…

    Set @var=(select field from table1)

    Declare cursorname cursor for
    Select @var from table2 where No=2 —>Getting Error
    open cursorname

  • Hi Pinal,

    Is There any option to assign default value in table type parameter in store procedure, please help me in this . i am waiting for it.

    Prem Shah

  • Hi Pinal,

    I had a scenario where in the backup file was damaged. And had a few corrupted pages which just prevented some database objects to be accessed. And that was the latest & a lone backup file available. Is there any way by any chance to have the complete data restored without data loss.

  • Rajesh Kumar Jaiswal
    June 6, 2011 12:37 pm

    hello Pinal sir,

    I want to know about schema security in sql server 2005 ,from basic can you please help me.

  • Rajesh Kumar Jaiswal
    June 6, 2011 12:38 pm

    hello Pinal sir,

    I want to know about schema security in sql server 2005 ,from basic can you please help me.

  • Any One can solve this issue in fulltext search

    The following query runs on 20M table in searching 4 columns Nvarchar(Max) for a keyword pizza.
    We will get 1 rank but that is not proper ranking for weitage for our desplay
    like we need to give weitage for some column values than the other

    SELECT top 10 F.Screenname,F.Comments ,X.Rank AS Ran1
    FROM .dbo.Profilesearch F inner JOIN FREETEXTTABLE(dbo.Profilesearch,*,’Pizza’) AS X ON X.[Key]=F.rowno


    —- For the above issue solution we dont find any better solution than joining individuall left joins on each column to find rank of each column

    SELECT top 10 F.Screenname,F.Comments ,X.Rank AS Ran1,X1.rank AS Scrank,X2.Rank AS CommenRank

    FROM .dbo.Profilesearch F inner JOIN FREETEXTTABLE(dbo.Profilesearch,*,’Pizza’) AS X ON X.[Key]=F.rowno
    LEFT JOIN FREETEXTTABLE(dbo.Profilesearch,Screenname,’Pizza’) AS X1 ON X1.[Key]=F.rowno
    LEFT JOIN FREETEXTTABLE(dbo.Profilesearch,Comments,’Pizza’) AS X2 ON X1.[Key]=F.rowno

    —- This Joins Hurts a perfomance like approx 40-60 transactions per min
    some times with length of keyword increases word breaking errors and timeouts its causing all type of issues for us .

    We believe YOU GUYS R GEMS , GIVE US A Mind Blowing Solution

  • Hi Pinal!
    Could you please suggest me to choose the training center/institute for ms sql server DBA course in India ? I have been working as a database developer for the last 3 years.

  • DO any one know how to get Sql Server Alias Name IN T-Sql .

  • Hi Pinal Dev,
    First, My sincere thanks to you for delivering such a dedicated service to sql developers/experts and many other new comers.
    Here is my question: I have been working on a .net intranet web application calling SQL 2005 stored procedures. The problem is getting a time out error before the stored procedure could be executed. The error is: “Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding”.
    It would be great if you could provide me a lead..inspite of your busy schedule. Carry on the good work. May God be always with you always.
    Thanks again.

  • Hi pinal Dev,
    Once thanks to you for service to developers.I’ve a question. In my concern using sql server 2005 version database.we’ve loaded more than 5years data now database size is more than 7GB. we need to reduce size of current database(but don’t delete old data). In our database have many relation tables and connected more than ten modules. we couldn’t split our database. Is there any way to split or reduce the database size.

  • how to use function

  • How to release the SQL server memory without restarting the service after huge query is finished ?


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