SQLAuthority News – 700 Articles and Author Updates

It is always interested to write article when reached at milestone. I start to receive many emails and suggestions just about when this blog is reaching any milestone.

One question keep on coming to me is why do I write or what is in it for me?

Satisfaction! I enjoy writing and helping community and by writing blog that is what I get.

Lots of things have happened since last milestone of 600th article.

1) Microsoft presented most prestigious Microsoft SQL Server MVP Award. This award is given to Exceptional Technical Community Leader.

2) I am vice president of SQL Server User Group of Ahmedabad. Read More.

3) I have presented technical session at Microsoft Student Partner Conference. It was great visit.

4) This blog has completed more than 4 Millons visitors.

5) Updated Search for SQLAuthority feature. Now user can Search SQLAuthority more efficiently to find answers to their questions.

6) Remodeled personal home page which is properly integrated with SQLAuthority.com. Homepage contains updated resume and popular feature of Tip of The Minute.

7) Beginning the SQL Server 2008 Interview Questions and Answers Series. This is most popular request I have received.

8) You can view the list of all the 700 articles here.

Again, I thank all of my readers, community members and people who helped me to write blog for their continuous support.

Thank You and Best Regards,

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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