SQL SERVER – 2005 Query Editor – Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

This post may be very simple for most of the users of SQL Server 2005. Earlier this year, I have received one question many times – Where is Query Analyzer in SQL Server 2005? I wrote small post about it and pointed many users to that post – SQL SERVER – 2005 Query Analyzer – Microsoft SQL SERVER Management Studio. Recently I have been receiving similar question.

Where is Query Editor in SQL Server 2005?
SQL SERVER 2005 has combined Query Analyzer and Enterprise Manager into one Microsoft SQL SERVER Management Studio (MSSMS).

QueryEditor SQL SERVER   2005 Query Editor   Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

I have been pointing my users to my previous post so far. One of my reader asked recently is it really true SSMS = QE + EM . I realize that my answer is not complete. SQL Server 2005 Query Editor has many other enhancements over previous versions. There are many standard features also brought over from previous tools. From MSDN I found following list which is quite complete and concise.

Statement auto-completion.
Parameter tipping for system stored procedures and user-defined functions.
Color-coding of Transact-SQL and MDX syntax.
Templates to speed development of the T-SQL.
Editing of execute and parse queries with SQLCMD extensions.
Results presented in either a grid or a free-form text window, or in XML form.
Graphical representation of the showplan information.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com), BOL

16 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – 2005 Query Editor – Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

  1. Dear Sir,
    I am very happy to see ur article on sql-server for the first time. Thank you for providing such helpful article.

    How could I fetch the definition of a table like its column’s names with their data types,default values ,allow nulls fields and if there r more than one indexes on that table ,they all should also be fetched on a datagrid at front end ?

    please give me a proper solution……if possible. I will be grateful to u…….

    Thanks Again,


    • @Murali

      SQL Server Management Studio is just an interface to show you what are you executing and what is the result for the query.

      But the engine which process your query is database engine. If you do not install database engine there is no way that your script can be processed.

      Now if you have database engine, but no interface there is no way that you can run your script and see results.

      In Short, you need to have SQL Server Management Studio. You can also run your quiries through command prompt, sqlcmd but I would recommend SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) when learning/practicing.

      If you do not want to buy SQL Server dev Edition (which costs 50 $), you can try SQL Server Evaluation Edition free untill 180 days (6 months) or you can download SQL Server Express Edition, this is free edition.

      ~ IM.


      • Hi Imran. thanks fr ur reply. I downloaded sql server management studio.but while installing it didnt ask me to enter the server name.After installing when i opened to use it……it asks me to enter the server name.At this point i got strucked.Pls help me out.
        Bcoz i want to practice queries as much as possible. What mistake i have done i cant able to understand.

        Thanks in advance.


  2. Hello Muralikrishna,

    You have installed only the client tool of SQL Server. As Imran has mentioned that SSMS is just an interface to connect to SQL engine.
    While installation you havn’t installed the SQL engine, that’s why no server name was asked. But now when you open the SSMS it asks the server name to connect with.

    Kind Regards,
    Pinal Dave


    • Hi Pinal……….now i understand wht had happened to me.If any doubts i will post here later.Good response i am getting in ur blog.i am happy for ur contribution.

      thanking you.


  3. Hi pinal, I am the final year student.My name is suguna.I installed sql server 2005,but in it i found only the configuration manager, error and usage reporting and surface area configuration.I doesn’t found any studio and query analyzer.Plz help me.What I have to do now? As I am in the bottle neck moment,I have to prepare queries and practice queries for my academic project.Plz help me.If there is any possible solutions,mail me at [email removed].Thanks in advance.


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