SQL SERVER 2016 – DBCC Command Enhancement with MAXDOP

When you want to be successful, you need to run alone and fast. But if you want to run longer, you want to run together. I have personally seen multiple instances where this statement holds true to every word. When working with customers and in various consulting engagements, I have seen it is not enough to just solve the problem. It is important to enable the team working on the project and make them aware of the reasons why it did happen in the first place. I always felt the art of working together will take us a long way. Even in performance engagements, I try to get the team involved as I go through the process of solving their problems. Let us learn in this blog post DBCC Command Enhancement with MAXDOP.

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SQL SERVER – Query to Get CPU Usage History for SQL Server and Operating System

I have seen a number of customers manage their SQL Server environments in an adhoc manner. These accidental DBA’s need to know what happened in the system in a chronological order or even worst need to know what led to the lead up to a particular problem. Many times when we troubleshoot a problem with high CPU, its asked that when it all started and do we have any historical data of CPU usage? Here is the one query which I have re-written to have more details. Let us see Query to Get CPU Usage History for SQL Server and Operating System.

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SQL SERVER – Why Haven’t You Disabled CPU Power Saving Yet?! – Notes from the Field #087

[Note from Pinal]: This is an 87th episode of Notes from the Field series. Every week, I personally wait for the notes from the fields from Mike because it contains lessons of life which directly impacts DBA and Developer’s life positively. Mike Walsh is an amazing person to meet and know. I am fortunate to be his friend. Every single time I meet him, I learn something as a human. He is always looking for an opportunity to improve the life of DBAs and Developers. Let us learn about Disabled CPU Power Saving.

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