SQL SERVER – Get Last Known Actual Execution Plan for a Previously Cached Query Plan

This feature works with SQL Server 2019 and onwards. If you are using an earlier version of SQL Server this feature will not work and will give you an error. One of the most common questions I receive during Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check is how to get the last known actual execution plan for a previously cached query plan.

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SQL SERVER – Script Level Upgrade for Database ‘master’ Failed Because Upgrade Step ‘SSIS_hotfix_install.sql’ Encountered Error 15151

Recently I was helping a client where SQL Server upgrade was failing with an error. If you have seen my blogs, there have been many blogs where I explain steps to fix upgrade-related issues. In this blog, we would learn about fixing another cause of script level upgrade for database ‘master’ failed.

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How to Grow All Files in a File Group Equally? – TRACE FLAG 1117 – Interview Question of the Week #201

Question: How to Grow All Files in a File Group Equally?

Answer: If you are a regular reader of this blog, you would have read my earlier blog post writing about this subject over here: SQL Server 2016 – Introducing AutoGrow and Mixed_Page_Allocations Options – TraceFlags. However, let us try to get an answer to our question in this blog.

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SQL SERVER – Parallel Redo on AlwaysOn Secondary – DIRTY_PAGE_TABLE_LOCK

As most of you might know that my expert area in SQL Server in performance tuning. But, I also deal with almost every issue related to SQL Server engine. Many times, it so happens then clients call me for performance tuning and while fixing, we see some other problem. In this blog, we would learn about Parallel Redo on AlwaysOn Secondary causing new waits which were introduced in SQL Server 2016.

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