How to Track Data Platform Service Level and Performance Before and After Consolidation?

When you are planning data platform consolidation, it is very important to track down the changes in the overall system performance after the actual migration is done. You should understand the differences in the configurations and performance of the instances and databases. Then you will also understand better how well the actual planning work went, and which are the possible challenges in the data platform.

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SQL SERVER – Automated SQL Server Consolidation and Right Sizing – Save 50% Data Platform Costs

If you have ever needed to implement a large-scale data platform migration or consolidation project, you are definitely familiar with many of the pain points faced during the process. Firstly, manual data collection is very tricky to arrange and demands lots of work. Secondly, the planning of the capacity is a complex and detailed process – you need to take all the performance counters, their threshold levels and SLA’s, trends, different server benchmarks and such into account. When it comes to the consolidation effort, it is impossible to try to rearrange the SQL Server instances into a most optimal target server setup with manual work. All this takes a lot of time and is prone to human error.

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