SQLBits 2019: Attention Pre-Con Attendees – One Free Consulting Hour

SQLBits 2019 is one of my most favorite events. Earlier I blogged about SQLBits 2019: Pre-Con – 21 Essential Scripts: Performance Tuning for EVERYONE. I had promised that everyone who attends my pre-con at SQLBits will get an interesting bonus. Here is the time, when I share the bonus with all of you.

One Free Consulting Hour

Everyone who attends my pre-conference will get one free hour of consultation totally complimentary. You can use to ask further clarifications on the demonstrations as well as use the same hour for HealthCheck for your system as well.

If your SQL Server is running slow and after attending this pre-conference, if you can’t fix the inefficiency of your server, you can easily take advantage of this FREE Consulting Hour to take my help to optimize your system.

100 % Demonstrations and No Boring Theory!

If you are going to go to SQLBits 2019, you want to come to my pre-con about 21 Essential Scripts: Performance Tuning for EVERYONE. This pre-con contains best of my material and goes beyond what you conventionally know about any topic. It is no-nonsense, direct to demonstration and fast-paced advanced class where we discuss 21 essential scripts for SQL Server Performance Tuning.

Click Here to Register for my Pre-Con.

For DBAs, Developers, and Everyone

The biggest challenge in any organizations is the DBAs and Developers talk totally different language when it is about SQL Server Performance Tuning. They have very different ways and methodology for addressing the same problem. Whenever I go to any consulting engagement, I often see that individuals in an organization struggle when they do not have good data point to back up the claim.

I have carefully crafted this pre-con for DBAs and Developers. Even though if you are an IT-Manager, you want to attend this pre-con as during this training day you will learn quite lots of details which you may not learn in your daily job.

My Business Secret

The 21 scripts shared during the training serves as a Proof of Concepts, Quick Diagnosis Script as well as a ready cheat sheet to accomplish a complicated task which you have been dreaming to achieve. The scripts sound very simple but each of the scripts is carefully crafted to tell a unique story which you have not experienced before.

List of 21 Scripts

I believe in the transparency and do not want to keep it anyone in dark for what we are going to cover.

Here is the list of the 21 scripts:

  • Script 00: How to clear the Cache?
  • Script 01: Why unused indexes are bad? (Insert/Delete)
  • Script 02: Why unused indexes are bad? (Select)
  • Script 03: How to identify UNUSED indexes in SQL Server?
  • Script 04: How to identify MISSING indexes in SQL Server?
  • Script 05: How to identify DUPLICATE indexes in SQL Server?
  • Script 06: How important is the file growth setting is for Database?
  • Script 07: Do COLUMNSTORE indexes help query performance?
  • Script 08: How to get started with OLTP In-Memory Tables
  • Script 09: What about OLTP In-Memory Tables with COLUMNSTORE indexes?
  • Script 10: How do STATISTICS play a role in performance tuning?
  • Script 11: How does COMPATIBILITY Level play a role in performance tuning?
  • Script 12: What is the impact of functions on query performance? (Where clause)
  • Script 13: What is the impact of functions on query performance? (Select clause)
  • Script 14: How to identify frequently running functions?
  • Script 15: How to identify frequently running queries?
  • Script 16: How to identify resource bottlenecks for a server with Wait Statistics?
  • Script 17: How to overcome CPU bottlenecks – underutilization / overutilization?
  • Script 18: How to overcome MEMORY bottlenecks?
  • Script 19: How to overcome IO bottlenecks?
  • Script 20: How to overcome Blocking in SQL Server?
  • Script 21: How IMPLICIT conversion can kill database performance?
  • Bonus Round: Interactive Game – WhichIndex and 3 Rules

This is indeed a very unique course and you will not be disappointed.

Here is the link to register for this course: 21 Essential Scripts: Performance Tuning for EVERYONE

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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