SQLBits 2020 – SQL Server Performance Tuning Real-World Scenarios – at ExCel London

I am pretty excited that I will be presenting a day-long training at SQLBits on 31 March 2020 at ExCel London on the topic SQL Server Performance Tuning Real-World Scenarios. I have learned that many of the seats are already booked and now only a few seats are available for Workshop, I suggest that you sign up quickly to reserve your seats as they sell out very quickly. The cost of the workshop is £375.

Here are few frequently asked questions about the training:

Q: I have previously attended your other training, how this training is different from a previous training?
A: This training has 100% new content. I have been building content for this training from over the last 18 months. This training is built on all the real-world experiences I have gone through in recent times. Every single story is true and is backed up by demonstrations.

Q: What is unique about this training?
A: This training is built from the ground up and is not influenced by any other training, you see outside. Here are five things I would like to call out about this training:

  • 99% of demonstrations and 1% real-world stories
  • All scripts digitally available to practice
  • Fast-Paced and Action-Packed – No dull moments
  • Focuses on SQL Server 2017/2019
  • 2 Free Bonuses – Free Consulting Hour and Recorded Training.

At the end of the training day, I promise you will have new learnings that you have not experienced in any other SQL Server Performance Tuning training before.

Q: What are 2 additional bonus advantages for taking this training?
A: There are two unique bonus advantages if you attend this training day at ExCel London in 2020.

Bonus #1 – Free Recorded Class
If you attend my pre-conference, you will get free month-long access to my most popular recorded training:  to SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop – Recorded Classes worth USD 1000. Everyone gets for FREE.

Bonus #2 – Free Consulting Hour
Everyone who attends the session gets a 1-hour free consulting hour in the first 30 days of the training worth USD 500. If you and your 3 co-workers attend sessions, you can avail my Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check at absolutely no cost. This is applicable to the first 50 registered individuals.

Q: My co-worker is attending your class and I will take the scripts from them, can I learn from them?
A: Your co-worker will have every single tool and script. I really wish he can tell you every single trick which I share in the class to you. How about this, why not you attend this class and teach your co-worker tricks. You will realize that this class is a great learning experience personally and create a great consultant out of you.

Q: Can you just give me all the demos and I will learn from it?
A: All the scripts are already available online for all the previous training classes. Additionally, SQLAuthority.com have over 5000+ free scripts. You can always learn from them. The reason for the training day is to teach you my perspective and tricks, which often can’t be expressed in blog posts or scripts.

Q: Why it is important to attend the class in person?
A: This is not the usual training class that you find online. This is also not a video recorded class. This class is 100% interactive and will walk you through an audio, visual journey that we will experience together. There will be elements of collaborative learning and also competitive winnings that are impossible to replicate any other format than in-person learning.

In one line, learning in person is like watching a magic show in person. Television never justifies the intensity and experience. Having the scripts used in the class is equal to having tools of a magician which you may not know how to use it unless trained well in-person.

SQL Server Performance Tuning Real-World Scenarios

I have been working as SQL Server Performance Tuning Consultant for over the last 10 years and I have seen many different complicated problems while helping my clients. I have been maintaining a repository of the problems and their solutions to me. In this year’s pre-con, I am going to open my business secrets to everyone. We will see various complicated real-world problems that you see in the real world and their resolutions.

Before the beginning of the session, we will see the show list content of the pre-con to everyone. Every attendee will get the opportunity to vote on the topic they want to see and we will build our learning path together. Once we have a learning path build, we will immediately jump on each topic and learn them together.

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Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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