SQLBits Training Day – SQL Server Performance Tuning Real-World Scenarios

I will be presenting a day-long training day (pre-con) at SQLbits on 31 March 2020 ExCel London on the topic SQL Server Performance Tuning Real-World Scenarios. This blog post is about SQLBits Training Day. SQLbits is from 31 Mar to 4 April and the full registration is just £999 for the whole event. If you want to sign up for just a workshop it is £375.

Please sign up quickly to reserve your seats as they sell out very quickly.

SQLBits Training Day

I have been presenting SQL Server Performance Tuning for a while. This year, I have decided to built a brand new presentation that I have never presented earlier. I have all the new content that I often see during my consulting engagement.

The content is 100% real and 100% demonstrations. This day-long training day contains one of the most important learning which I have experienced during my career as a SQL Server Performance Tuning Expert.

You will not find the content anywhere on my site or anywhere in my previous training. I have so far kept it 100% as my business secret, which I will be sharing with all of you soon.

Bonus #1 – Free Recorded Class

If you attend my pre-conference, you will get free month-long access to my most popular recorded training:  to SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop – Recorded Classes worth USD 1000. Everyone gets for FREE.

Bonus #2 – Free Consulting Hour

Everyone who attends the session gets a 1-hour free consulting hour in the first 30 days of the training worth USD 500. If you and your 3 co-workers attend sessions, you can avail my Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check at absolutely no cost. This is applicable to the first 50 registered individuals.

SQLBits Training Day - SQL Server Performance Tuning Real-World Scenarios sqlbits-800x441

SQL Server Performance Tuning Real-World Scenarios

I have been working as SQL Server Performance Tuning Consultant for over the last 10 years and I have seen many different complicated problems while helping my clients. I have been maintaining a repository of the problems and their solutions to me. In this year’s pre-con, I am going to open my business secrets to everyone. We will see various complicated real-world problems that you see in the real world and their resolutions.

Before the beginning of the session, we will see the show list content of the pre-con to everyone. Every attendee will get the opportunity to vote on the topic they want to see and we will build our learning path together. Once we have a learning path build, we will immediately jump on each topic and learn them together.

Read more about my pre-conference here.

Register Now as last year the seats were sold out in the first few days.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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