SQL SERVER 2016 – Learn Installation of SQL Server 2016 in 2 Minutes Video

Every time when new SQL Server version arrives, lots of people want to install it, however, the biggest hesitance is the fear of unknown. Lots of people do not try out new software because they are worried about what would happen if the installation does not go through or they are not familiar with the new settings and installer. In this video I have attempted to install SQL Server 2016 Developer’s edition with all the options turned on. I wanted to make sure that I create a simple walkthrough demonstration in which one can watch it and install SQL Server. Let us Learn Installation today.

SQL SERVER 2016 - Learn Installation of SQL Server 2016 in 2 Minutes Video SQL2016-cover-800x450

There are a few things you must keep in mind when you watch this video. This is not a video where I talk and explain SQL Server Installation Best Practices, we will create many videos in the future. Almost all the deployment best practices can be configured after we have installed SQL Server. In this video, I have selected all the available options and features in the SQL Server. You should enable and select only the options and services which you need. If you are not sure and installing SQL Server 2016 to enhance your knowledge. I suggest you enable every single option as I have done in the video and try each of them out. I am very confident that you will have lots of good learning experiences.

Here are a few important resources:

SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition FREE Download

SQL Server 2016 Management Studio Download

SQL Server Sample Database Download and Install

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Update: SQL SERVER 2019 is released on November 4, 2019. You can get started immediately with it. It makes sense to release today as it is the first day of MSIgnite 2019 in Orlando and the first day SQLPASS day in Seattle. You learn installation for the latest version now. You can always follow me on twitter for the latest update.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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