Download SQL SERVER 2016 Developer Edition for FREE

Just a few minutes ago SQL Server 2016 is released. You can download SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition for FREE. There are many different versions of SQL Server 2016 and they are all available for download for everyone who has a valid MSDN subscription.

Download SQL SERVER 2016 Developer Edition for FREE sqlserver2016freedownload-800x345

SQL Server 2016 has many new features. I have been exploring many of the features in the Release Candidates and I have blogged before. I will be blogging about SQL Server 2016 in future blog posts. Here is the list of top 10 features which I have liked so far and I will start my focus from these features.

Always EncryptedQuery Store
Row Level SecurityR Built-in T-SQL
Temporal TableStretch Database
Dynamic Data MaskingPolyBase
Multiple TempDB Database FilesJSON Support

Additionally, there are many improvements in the In-Memory OLTP which I will be looking forward to exploring and implement at my customer.

Download SQL SERVER 2016 Developer Version for FREE

Earlier Microsoft has announced that SQL Server 2016 Developer version is available to download for FREE. You will have to sign in to Visual Studio Dev Essentials before you can download SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition. Remember that Visual Studio Dev Essential is a FREE developer program.

Click to Download SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition for FREE

(You will have to either log in via your Microsoft account – Hotmail, outlook or create a new one)

Click Here to Read How to Install SQL Server Management Studio 2016

If you have an MSDN subscription you can download SQL Server 2016 from here.

In other news, AdventureWorks sample database is retired now and Microsoft has released a new sample database WideWorldImporters.

Click to See all the artifacts related to WideWorldImporters

I will write future blog posts about how to use this sample database with SQL Server 2016.

Pro Tip: Bookmark this blog post for future reference. I will keep it updated with the latest information.

Here is a 2-minute short video which explains how to install SQL Server 2016.


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  • Hi. Aparently they only have a 64bit installation package???

  • Hi Pinal, A bit sad about adventure works… what will be the sample db for Data warehouse and Analysis. Im am just strating out a my 1st BI project.( only self taough PowerBi .. novice user) -hence looking forb samples on DWs.

  • i have already used sql 180 days but still we are install sql 2016 but “additional information” getting error (A network related or instance…..(provider :named pipes provider , error :40*- cloud not open a connection to SQL server (Microsoft SQL server error :2 )) )

    and not getting any service like tcp/ip enable or disable.. what can i do ??

    my licence version 3-4 days active still now i temporary base start sql.. but how ??

  • naveenkumar7126
    November 30, 2016 9:11 pm

    Where is the link to download.

  • Sir,Need to Product key…….

  • amitsinh nakoom
    January 6, 2017 11:30 am

    where is the link to donwload

    • To get the link to download, you must follow the process listed in the blog post.

      Please read it carefully.

      • When you follow the links for the download, it states this

        There is no subscription associated with your Microsoft account. Add a subscription to this account.

        And then on the next page, you have this.

        Please enter your account information below exactly as it is listed on the email you
        received inviting you to activate your subscription.

        So, it seems there is no way to download the free SQL Server 2016 without having first paid for a Subscription.


      • Not the case. I tried last week and it worked just fine.

        I will check again soon.

  • Hi All, Please read the blog post carefully. You will have to go to and create your free account there to get FREE Developer Version of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and SQL Server 2014.

  • Louie Jay Ferrera
    June 26, 2017 4:28 pm

    Will this dev edition expires?

  • Is it possible to install the evaluation version in Win 7 , I am getting error as OS is not supported ?

  • Hi Dave, I keep recieving this message ” Your Operating System is not supported by SQL 2016. You may download the installation media but you will not be able to install it on this machine” How do I get this fixed?

  • Thanks for the post. It is very helpful. I have one query.
    In our team, we are 20 developers and 5 Testers. All our developers got MSDN subsctiptions and We are using SQL server developer edition.
    My Question is what about Testers? they have a single database server (shared) and our application is deployed on this server. Now all 5 testers need to test the application.
    These 5 do not have MSDN subscription
    Can they use SQL Server Developer edition in that shared server for free? or they still need MSDN subscription for all of those?

    Hoping for positive response.

  • Sorry, we couldn’t find any downloads for you.

    To continue, please join Visual Studio Dev Essentials or purchase a Visual Studio Subscription.

  • I get the same message as above… Seems a bit of a pain to get some freeware, and apparently it isnt really free since you have to purchase:

    To continue, please join Visual Studio Dev Essentials or purchase a Visual Studio Subscription. I installed visual studio and still, No options for SQL2016 Developer edition

  • yogigollapudi
    April 20, 2022 1:00 am

    i dont see developer edition under that link. I can see express edition

  • Can not find SQL Server 2016 developer edition.
    We can see only express edition


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