SQL SERVER – Identify and Filter In-Memory Optimized Tables – SQL in Sixty Seconds #079

Earlier I had written a blog about SQL SERVER – Beginning In-Memory OLTP with Sample Example which covers the basics of working with In-Memory OLTP. Though that post gets you started, one of my colleague asked me if there was an easier way to identify In-Memory Tables when working with SQL Server Management Studio. As a follow up I wrote another blog post over here where I demonstrate the same with images and query over here: SQL SERVER – Filter In-Memory OLTP Tables in SSMS. In this blog post we will learn about – Identify and Filter In-Memory Optimized Tables.

I have converted the same blog post in SQL in Sixty Seconds video over here.

Let me know your opinion about it.

Here are few other blog posts related to this concept, which I have written earlier.

In-Memory database is very, very powerful concept and I would like to know that if you are using this feature on your production server? If yes, would you please explain in a few words how you are using this feature and what is the impact of the same. This will for sure help everyone who is reading this blog post.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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