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This is the second post in my series about my favorite Technology Tips, and I wanted to focus on my favorite Microsoft product.  Choosing just one topic to cover was too hard, though.  There are so many interesting things I have to share that I am forced to turn this second installment into a five-part post.  My five favorite Windows tips and tricks.

1) You can open multiple applications using the task bar.

With the new Windows 7 taskbar, you can start navigating with just one click.  For example, you can launch Word by clicking on the icon on your taskbar, and if you are using multiple different programs at the same time, you can simply click on the icon to return to Word.  However, what if you need to open another Word document, or begin a new one?  Clicking on the Word icon is just going to bring you back to your original program.  Just click on the Word icon again while holding down the shift key, and you’ll open up a new document.

2) Navigate the screen with the touch of a button – and not your mouse button.

Yes, we live in a pampered age.  We have access to amazing technology, and it just gets better every year.  But have you ever found yourself wishing that right when you were in the middle of something, you didn’t have to interrupt your work flow be reaching for your mouse to navigate through the screen?  Yes, we have all been guilty of this pampered wish.  But Windows has delivered!  Now you can move your application window using your arrow keys.

  • Lock the window to the left, right hand screen: Win+left Arrow and Win+right Arrow
  • Maximize & minimize: Win+up arrow and Win+down arrow
  • Minimize all items on screen: Win+M
  • Return to your original folder, or browse through all open windows: Alt+up arrow, Alt+Left Arrow, or Alt+right arrow
  • Close down or reopen all windows: win+home

3) Are you one of the few people who still uses Command Prompt?

You know who you are, and you aren’t ashamed to still use this option that so many people have forgotten about it.  You can easily access it by holding down the shift key while RIGHT clicking on any folder.

SQLAuthority News - Windows Efficiency Tricks and Tips - Personal Technology Tip shiftrightclick

4) Quickly select multiple files without using your mouse.

We all know how to select multiple files or folders by Ctrl-clicking or Shift-clicking multiple items.  But all of us have tried this, and then accidentally released Ctrl, only to lose all our precious work.  Now there is a way to select only the files you want through a check box system.  First, go to Windows Explorer, click Organize, and then “Folder and Search Options.”  Go to the View tab, and under advanced settings, you can find a box that says “Use check boxes to select items.”  Once this has been selected, you will be able to hover your mouse over any file and a check box will appear.  This makes selecting multiple, random files quick and easy.

5) Make more out of remote access.

If you work anywhere in the tech field, you are probably the go-to for computer help with friends and family, and you know the usefulness of remote access (ok, some of us use this extensively at work, as well, but we all have friends and family who rely on our skills!).  Often it is necessary to restart a computer, which is impossible in remote access as the computer will not show the shutdown menu.  To force the computer to do your wishes, we return to Command Prompt.  Open Command Prompt and type “shutdown /s” for shutdown, or “shutdown /r” for restart.

I hope you will find above five tricks which I use in my daily use very important.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Jose María Laguna
    October 29, 2012 4:30 pm

    To shutdown or reboot, also can be launched with ALT-F4, where cursor pointing to desktop.


  • good stuff Pinal

  • To do the first job (ie.You can open multiple applications using the task bar.)
    you can also use your Mouse wheel’s click facility.

    “Just click on the Word icon using Mouse wheel, and you’ll open up a new document”

  • Sanjay Monpara
    October 30, 2012 7:34 pm

    For point 5
    you can also get shutdown | logoff | loc computer | task manager | change password menu by using Start > Windows Security button (in Remote mode)


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