Personal Technology – Blinking or Flashing Yellow Light in Alexa – Solution

Last week, I have posted on the Saturday blog post which was not related to SQL Server but technology challenge I faced in my daily life. You can read the blog post here: Personal Technology – Bluetooth Volume Problem with Windows Volume Control. Today, I am going to write about another issue which I am personally facing in my home office about Blinking or Flashing Yellow Light in Alexa and the solution.

Alexa and Blinking Yellow Light

In my home office, I have Alexa right in front of me and one fine day, suddenly out of nowhere it started to blink with the yellow light. After quickly looking up on the internet, the yellow light was actually for the message. My natural reaction to Alexa was to read me the message.

Me: Alexa, read my messages.

Alexa: There are no unread messages.

Me: Alexa, how many new messages?

Alexa: There are no new messages.

Me: Alexa, would you please stop showing me blinking yellow light.

Alexa: Sorry, I do not have that song with me.

Me: (uuggghh)!

It was very clear to me that even though the internet says the flashing yellow light is for the message, my Alexa had no message for me. It was a bit frustrating for me as I was not able to focus anywhere else due to blinking light. I did multiple tricks to turn off the light but I was not successful.

After a while, I realized that the light is not for the message but rather for the notification and you can turn it off by following the steps described in the images here.

Stop the Flashing Yellow Lights

First, open the Alexa app on your phone.

On the left side, go to the menu with the three small horizontal bars and click on settings.

Next, go to Notifications.

Right after that, select the option for Amazon Shopping.

Under Alexa shopping, you will notice two sections Delivery Notifications and Give Ordered Items Titles.

In the above screen turn of all the notifications as displayed in the following image.

Your problem solved! There would not be any further blinking yellow light in your Alexa.

Now it is time to focus on the work. I hope this quick tutorial helps anyone who got annoyed and distracted like me looking at the flashing light.

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