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Personal Notes - Random Thoughts and Random Ideas bluelemon There are days when I keep on wondering about SQL, and even my life overall. Let us see some random thoughts and random ideas. Today is Saturday so I decided to write about SQL Server. Just like any other mornings, I woke up at 5 and opened my blog editor. I usually do not open Twitter or Facebook when I am planning to focus on my work, as they are little distractions for me. But today I opened my Twitter account and came across a very interesting quote from a friend:

‘Can I expect you to be different today?’

Well, I think it was a very powerful quote for me to read first thing on a new day. This quote froze me for a while and made me think, “Do I really want to write about an SQL Server tip, or something different?”  After a little thinking, I’ve realized that for today I would go on and write something different. I am going to write about a few of the ideas and thoughts I had yesterday. After writing all these, I realized that if I am thinking so much in a day, and if I write a blog post of my random musing of the week or month, it can be so long (and boring).

Here are some of my random thoughts I’d like to share with you:

  • When the airplane lands, why does everybody get up and try to rush out when their luggage would be coming probably 20-30 minutes later?
  • I really do not like this question when it was asked to me: “SQL Server is not using an optimal index which I just created – how can I force it?” I am not going elaborate on this statement but you are allowed to in the comment section.
  • Why do some people wish Good Morning even when they meet us after 4 PM?
  • Can I optimize a query so much that it gives me a result before I execute it?
  • Is it corruption when someone does their personal household work at the office?
  • The lane where I drive is always the slowest lane.
  • Why waste time on correcting others when there are a lot of pending improvements for ourselves?
  • If I have to get a Tattoo, which SQL Server Execution Plan symbol should I get?
  • Why do I reach office so early that the coffee machine is yet running its daily cleaning job?
  • Why does every laptop have a ‘Page Up’ key at different locations on the keyboard?
  • While I like color movies, I really appreciate black and white photographs.
  • I do not appreciate statements like, “If I receive your books in PDF, I will spread it to many people to give you much greater exposure. So would you please send them to me ASAP?”
  • Do not tell me, “Why does the database grow back after shrinking it every day?” I suggest you use “Search this blog” for the explanation.
  • Petrol prices are currently at INR 74. I hope the rate remains there.

Let me ask you the same question which started my day today:

 “Can I expect you to be different today?”

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  • Dhiraj Gupta (@_dhirajgupta)
    October 22, 2011 10:42 am

    Great Thoughts with Database and Petrol Touch :D

  • Feodor Georgiev
    October 22, 2011 1:54 pm

    Here are the replies to some of your questions in a blog post:

  • Great post man. Made me laugh out loud. I’m going to now think about your SQL server tattoo

  • why do i learn something new about SQL Server everyday at work ?

  • “When the airplane lands, why does everybody get up and try to rush out when their luggage would be coming probably 20-30 minutes later?”

    ha ha yes its true ..

    I am going to get Tattoo ;-)

    Also it happens to me that whichever lane I go to just get slower after I move there.

    Anyway great post


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