SQLAuthority News – Best SQLAuthority Posts of May

Month of May is always interesting and full of enthusiasm. Lots of good articles shared and lots of enthusiast communication on technology.

This month we had 140 Character Cartoon Challenge Winner. We also had interesting conversation on what kind of lock WITH NOLOCK takes on objects as well. A quick tutorial on how to import CSV files into Database using SSIS started few other related questions.

I also had fun time with community activities. I attended MVP Open Day. Vijay Raj also took awesome photos of my daughter – Shaivi. I have gain my faith back in Social Media and have created my Facebook Page, if you like SQLAuthority.com I request you to Like Facebook page as well. I am very active on twitter (@pinaldave) and answer lots of technical question if I am online during that time.

During this month couple of old thing, I did learn by accident 1) Restart and Shutdown Remote Computer 2) SSMS has web browser.

If you have made it till here – I suggest you to take participation in very interesting conversation here – Why SELECT * throws an error but SELECT COUNT(*) does not?

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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