SQL SERVER – Cartoon Challenge – 140 Character Winner is Here

Earlier Idera has announced contest where participant can win Windows Mobile Phone by writing 140 character. Here is the details of the contest SQLAuthority News – Win Windows Phone from Idera in 140 Characters – A Cartoon Challenge of SQL. We received more than 200 comments on the blog post and more than 250 qualifying entries. It was not possible to pick winner out of all those entries. I reached out to good folks at Idera for helping me select the winner.

After going back and forward and with lots of revision we come up with winning entry. Idera has also selected five more winner who will get surprise gift from Idera.

Here is the winning entry who will win Windows Phone 7 (limit USD 500).

WHAT? I told you, change your RDBMS to SQL Server 2008 and you can use Idera Tools for tunning.

Here are runners-up entries. Idera will send them surprise gift.


FROM tools
WHERE Vendor = ‘Idera’
AND Type = ‘Performance’

Holy shish kabob Pinal, better purchase Idera and sign up for SQL Smarts Enewsletter!

Why fear when SQL Doctor from Idera is here? With SQL Doctor, we point, click, and cure. Problem solved!

Even House isn’t doctor enough for this,… we need Idera’s SQL doctor. STAT!

Rob Rohr
My social life is running slowly, but at least there are tools to solve your problem.

Thank you all for participating in the cartoon challenge. We will have more such a quiz soon.

Before I end I would like to specially mention the entry of John Sansom. He does not qualify for winning entry or even runners-up as his entry was of 160 character, however, his entry is my personal favorite.

“Got no idea? You need Idera! We’ve got just the right tools for all you SQL fools.Performance tuning, monitoring, backups or development.We’ve got you covered.”

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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