SQLAuthority News – 600 Article and Over 3 Million Readers

Today is 600th article on this blog and so far over 3 Million readers have visited this blog. Popularity of this blog is increating everyday due to active participation from some good readers. When people share their ideas and their opinion whole world becomes better place. I encourage all of my readers to send me their thoughts, articles and ideas. I will be happy to share tips and tricks of readers with this blog.

I have received many emails where people have asked me why I do not write about my favorite articles on this blog. Well, actually I do write about my favorite articles and create list for it. Everything which is on this blog is what I have used through out my career. This blog is actually my personal bookmark, I visit many of articles on this blog while I am working on my projects. You can visit my favorite articles and best articles here. I search in my blog using this link – Search SQLAuthority.

One of the question I receive quite often, what is my profession? I am working as Outsourcing Team Manager for one of the largest US based company. You can read my resume. My team here take care of all the software need for US based Company. Outsourcing has many benefits for organization. If organization is large or small, outsourcing their need has two great advantage – talented resource readily available and cost effectiveness. You can read my opinion about Outsourcing Technology here.

Job market for Database Administrator is really great. I think there are many many opportunity for this job. Finding right job and right employer is quite a tough task. Finding employee who has dedicated knowledge of SQL Server domain is equally difficult task. I have attempted to help employee and employers on the same platform by creating listing for good jobs. You can visit this job listing here.

Again, this website is for my readers and my personal bookmarks, without my readers active participation, this site would not be what it is now.

Big Thank You to all of YOU!

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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