SQL SERVER – 2005 Best Practices Analyzer Tutorial – Sample Example

Yesterday I posted small note about SQL SERVER – 2005 Best Practices Analyzer (July BPA). I received many request about how BPA is used. Some of readers has asked me to provide sample tutorial which can help start using BPA. This utility has many uses for best practice. I have created very simple and initial tutorial. I encourage to follow that and once used it create your own reports in your desired format. Do not hesitate to install this add-on as I have use this previously to tune our production servers.

Following tutorial about BPA is ran on one of my old laptop, which has SQL Server 2005 installed. The SQL Server had many issues and they all are displayed in the result. Please note this is not production server and all the errors are intentionally generated. This tutorial is explained using images, which are very easy to understand.

Tutorial :
DOWNLOAD BPA and install it on your server.

I hope this initial tutorial will help DBA and Developer to start using SQL Server 2005 Best Practices Analyzer. Please play with different options and generate your own desired reports in your desired format.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com) , SQLAuthority.com owns all the images copyrights.

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  • Hey Pinal first of all would like to tell that u have excellent blog and very high quality articles.
    regarding the SQL Server 2005 BPA, the concern I have is that it is not as sophisticated as the SQL Server 2000 BPA. The kind of analysis that was done using the 2000 BPA could not be done using 2005 BPA. The 2005 BPA does not scan through the Stored Procs and give Programming Recommendations for improving the quality of code. Suggestion like Cursor Type, non existent primary key etc, which was available is not present in 2005 BPA. Any reason why MS has downgraded the BPA

  • Hey Pinal ! Nice article. You are posting some excellent high quality articles on your blogspot, Keep up the good work. And thanks for the info.

  • i am new commer and i want to learn complete sql server 2005.please help me about my learning i am very thankfull to you.
    please reply me blow address

    best Regards,


  • i am new commer andi want to learn complete SQL server .
    please help me in learning SQL server .i am very thankfull to you
    please mail me

    best regards

  • Hi

    I am intrested in knowing about Microsoft Recomended best practices that can be used to do Performance analysis/ assesments on Windows O/S 2003,Sql Server 2005 and SAN (I/O).

    I pefer tools /scripts that can gather information with no installation required on host servers .

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi Panal,

    BPA article is very good. but we need some articles on Internal Architecture of sql server.

  • Would you know why I would not be able to print the reports from SQL Server 2000 BPA? I am able to print other documents from this server. The problem appears to be within the tool. Any help would be greatly appreicated.


  • Hi,

    I have installed Microsoft SQL Server 2005 BPA on one of the 3 nodes. When I attempt to a scan, I receive the following message.

    Unable to connect to the following services:

    1. LIBERTYNP006

    Please ensure that the target server is running and you have provided correct user creditials.

    I have verified that that the target server is running, I have have tried logging in under several different login accounts, with no success.

    Your feedback on my problem is greatly appreciated.



  • Hi panal,

    I am planning to get in SQL 2005 data base administrator ,henceforth please let me know some good tutorial to download and learn database

  • Hi panal, How to do DTS using SSIS in Sql 2005?
    In same system it is working (windows authentication) Sql authentication is not working? pls help me.

  • hi panal can u send me the video tutorials of sqlserver 2005 i have started newly i want frm introduction upto programming cn u help mee how to download urs

  • hi panal can u send me the video tutorials of sqlserver 2005 i have started newly i want frm introduction upto programming cn u help mee how to download urs

  • Hi Pinal thank you verymuch.You are doing great job.keep going on on on and on

  • Satish Mishra
    January 4, 2010 1:09 pm

    Hey Pinal thanks for this excellent blog and very high quality articles..

  • It is quite interesting… Does the BPA have a symbolic brand as MS SQL Server 2005 have? I couldn’t find any… except the most familiar red title which says Best Practice Analyzer :(
    Please comment

  • Hi Pinal,
    I’ve instaled BPA and after scanning it reports: it cannt connect to Registry. How to fix this? Thanks :)


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