SQL SERVER – Installation Error: The Cluster Resource is Not Available. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007138E)

Sometimes DBAs get into a situation where they don’t know what the next steps is to fix the issue. Here is one of the situation where DBA contacted me with below error in installing a patch for SQL Server in clustered environment. If you don’t know then I can tell you that I do provide quick consultancy. You can read more here On Demand (55 minutes). In this blog post we will learn about how to fix an installation error. 

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SQL SERVER – The Cluster Resource ‘SQL Server’ Could Not be Brought Online Due to an Error Bringing the Dependency Resource

In my lab setup, I already have a 2 node windows 2012 R2 cluster. I already had one SQL server 2012 instance is working fine without issues. However, when I was trying to install a new additional SQL 2012 instance, the installation reached till the last phase and getting failed with errors related to a cluster resource. 

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SQL SERVER – Unable to Get Listener Properties Using PowerShell – An Error Occurred Opening Resource

I was engaged with a client for an AlwaysOn project and they had some follow-up questions. I took some time to find the answers and encountered an interesting error. I am sharing them here so that others can get benefited. They informed me that they are not able to see and modify listener properties. Let us learn about this error related to opening resource. 

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