SQL SERVER – Cluster Patching: The RPC Server is Too Busy to Complete This Operation

If you have ever contacted me via email, you would know that I am very active in replying to emails. Many of the emails are for suggestions and I don’t get much time to help everyone, but I do reply to them letting them know the alternatives. If you are following my blog, you would know that I do provide “On Demand” services to help critical issues. This blog is an outcome of one of such short engagement. This is how it started and it is about RPC Server. 

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SQL SERVER – sp_server_diagnostics – The User Does Not Have Permission to Perform this Action. (297)

In SQL Server 2012 onwards, the cluster health check detection logic has been enhanced. Instead of the traditional pull mechanism of the cluster (IsAlive and LooksAlive), SQL Server (version 2012 onwards) uses a push mechanism to detect the health of the SQL instance. This is done by special stored procedure called sp_server_diagnostics. We should remember that the failover mechanism for the AlwaysOn FCI and the AlwaysOn Availability Groups is same.

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SQL SERVER – Clustered SQL Resource Not Coming Online

When I was on-site for the performance tuning workshop, few DBAs suddenly got call as there was an unexpected downtime of SQL Server. As per them, after some maintenance activities were scheduled, the SQL Server resource failed to come online on both nodes. When they try to bring it online, it remains in online pending state for some time before failing eventually. Here are the things I tried. Let us see an error related to clustered SQL Resource not coming online.

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