SQL SERVER – SQL Service Not Getting Started Automatically After Server Reboot While Using gMSA Account

This was the first experiment with gMSA account in my lab and I faced an interesting issue. In my lab environment, I have a complete domain server and member servers. Once I configured gMSA for SQL Server service and restarted the machine, SQL Service didn’t start automatically even though it was set for an automatic startup as shown below.

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SQL SERVER – Patch Failure – Unable to Retrieve the Cluster Service

Few of my clients are still running older versions of SQL Server and they have their own reasons to not to move to the new SQL version. In this blog, we would learn about the fix of an error for which my client contacted me. My client was trying to apply the patch to a SQL Server 2008 R2 clustered instance which was running on Window Server 2012 and getting the error: Unable to retrieve the Cluster Service – Not clustered or the cluster service is up and online.

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SQL SERVER – Error 1051: A Stop Control Has Been Sent to a Service that Other Running Services are Dependent On

Sometimes there are some random unexpected errors and it’s always fun to find the cause of them. In this blog we would learn about an error 1051 (A stop control has been sent to a service that other running services are dependent on) which I received while stopping SQL Service in my lab server.

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SQL SERVER – Initializing the FallBack Certificate Failed With Error Code: 1, State: 20, Error Number: 0

One of my clients came with an issue with SQL Server startup. As per them, they just changed the password of SQL Server Service account using the configuration manager. In this blog we would learn about how to fix Initializing the FallBack certificate failed with error code: 1, state: 20, error number: 0 during SQL startup.

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