SQL SERVER 2016 – Encrypt Your PII Data – Notes from the Field #132

[Note from Pinal]: In this episode of the Notes from the Field series database expert Mike Lawell talks about his thoughts and observation about SQL Server 2016 Encryption. Security of the data is very important and we often spend so many hours securing our data. However, lots of people do not understand about Encrpting about their database personal information. Every single day you will find plenty of incidents where PII data is stolen or misused. I discussed about this with Mike and of Linchpin People and he was very kind to share his view on encryption of PII data and SQL Server 2016. Let us read Mike’s story in his own words.

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SQL SERVER 2016 – InMemory OLTP LOB Datatype Enhancement

My exploration with SQL Server 2016 features are just continuing and I am delighted every other day to figure out something new been added to the capabilities which in the opinion were of limited capacity in the prior versions of SQL Server. I will spare the ranting exercise for now but will look at some of the things that caught my attention in my recent exploration with SQL Server InMemory OLTP enhancements.

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SQL SERVER – Maintain Carriage Return (Enter Key) in SQL Server 2016 Management Studio While Copy and Paste

With every new release some of the default behavior can surprise because you are so much used to them. But when they don’t behave the same, it baffles to when some of these changes were introduced. In pursuit of finding such behavior, while I was working with SQL Server 2016 Management Studio, I was surprised to see a behavior which didn’t seem to be right. You can also try it too.

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SQL Server 2016 – Introducing AutoGrow and Mixed_Page_Allocations Options – TraceFlags

I have been playing around with SQL Server 2016 for a while now and I have seemed to have learnt a number of interesting options when playing around with the new version. One of the readers after reading – SQL Server 2016 – Enhancements with TempDB asked me if the option of TraceFlags of 1117 and 1118 not available when working with user defined normal databases. This was a valid and appropriate question for sure. I was not sure where to start. Let us see traceflags related to AutoGrow and Mixed_Page_Allocations.

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SQL SERVER 2016 – Management Studio Highlighting Current Line Option

With every new release, there is changes that are being made to the tools that support it. It is tough sometimes to keep up with the pace. I am always an old school guy and I try not to change the style that involves changes to the way things function. When I installed SQL Server 2016 Management Studio, there was something fresh about the IDE, but I was trying to get to terms to why I was feeling little weird. Let us learn about Highlighting Current Line Option in SSMS 2016.

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