SQL SERVER – Selecting Random n Rows from a Table

Every day I spend a good amount of time with different customers helping them with SQL Server Performance Tuning issues. Today we will discuss the question asked by a developer at the organization where I was engaged in Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. The developers wanted to know if there is any way he can randomly select n rows from a table.

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SQL SERVER – How to Generate Random Password? – Enhanced Version

Earlier last month, I posted an interview question – How to Generate Random Passwords in SQL Server? – Interview Question of the Week #181. Though, my efforts were honest my answer was not complete in that blog post. Thankfully, SQL Server Expert Tim Cartwright noticed the error in the blog post and decided to send me to follow up email with the accurate script to generate a random password.

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MySQL – How to Generate Random Number

In MySQL, UUID() function returns Universal Unique Identifier that generates 36 characters long value which is 5 part hexadecimal numbers. If you want to generate random password, you can make use of this function which generate random number.

Returns the string 85aeb064-8f73-11e5-85ef-02fcc4101968 (Note that this is random, when you execute you will get different value). As the total length is 36, you can make use of the result to get a random password with any length.

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